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Plug Type F

Used in: Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Spain among others (see complete list of countries on the right)

The Type F electrical plug (also known as a Schuko plug) has two 4.8 mm round pins spaced 19 mm apart. It is similar to the Type E plug but has two earth clips on the side rather than a female  earth contact. The CEE 7/7 plug was developed to work with sockets E and F and has grounding clips on both sides (to work with Type F sockets) and a female contact (to accept the grounding pin of the type E socket).

Type F plugs are rated 16 amps.

Locations using Plug Type F

Afghanistan220V50HzC, F
Albania230V50HzC, F
American Samoa120V60HzA, B, F, I
Armenia230V50HzC, F
Aruba127V60HzA, B, F
Austria230V50HzC, F
Azerbaijan220V50HzC, F
Belarus220V50HzC, F
Bhutan230V50HzC, D, F, G, M
Bosnia and Herzegovina230V50HzC, F
Bulgaria230V50HzC, F
CapeVerde220V50HzC, F
Chad220V50HzC, D, E, F
Croatia230V50HzC, F
Denmark230V50HzC, F, E, K
Egypt220V50HzC, F
Estonia230V50HzC, F
Ethiopia220V50HzC, E, F, L
Faroe Islands230V50HzC, F, E, K
Finland230V50HzC, F
Georgia220V50HzC, F
Germany230V50HzC, F
Greece230V50HzC, F
Greenland230V50HzC, F, E, K
Guinea220V50HzC, F, K
Hungary230V50HzC, F
Iceland230V50HzC, F
Indonesia220V 110V50HzC, F
Iran220V50HzC, F
Italy230V 50HzC, F, L
Jordan230V50HzB, C, D, F, G, J
Kazakhstan220V50HzC, F
Korea, Democratic People's Republic of220V 110V50Hz, 60HzA, C, F
Korea, Republic of 220V 60Hz C, F
Kyrgyzstan220V50HzC, F
Lao People's Democratic Republic230V50HzA, B, C, E, F
Latvia230V50HzC, F
Liberia120V 220V50Hz, 60HzA, B, C, E, F
Libya127V 230V50HzC, D, F, L
Lithuania220V50HzC, F
Luxembourg230V 50HzC, F
Macau220V50HzD, M, G, F
Macedonia230V50HzC, F
Moldova220V50HzC, F
Monaco230V50HzC, D, E, F
Montenegro230V50HzC, F
Mozambique220V50HzC, F, M
Myanmar230V50HzC, D, F, G
Netherlands230V 50HzC, F
Netherlands Antilles127V 220V50HzA, B, C, F
New Caledonia220V50HzC, F
Niger220V50HzA, B, C, D, E, F
Norway230V50HzC, F
Portugal230V50HzC, F
Romania230V 50HzC, F
Russia220V50HzC, F
Saint Martin120V 220V60HzC, F
San Marino230V50HzC, F, L
Sao Tome and Principe220V50HzC, F
Serbia230V 50HzC, F
Slovenia230V50HzC, F
Spain230V 50HzC, F
Suriname127V60HzC, F
Sweden230V 50HzC, F
Tajikistan220V50HzC, F, I
Thailand220V50HzA, B, C, F
Timor-Leste220V50HzC, E, F, I
Turkey 220V50HzC, F
Turkmenistan220V50HzB, C, F
Ukraine220V50HzC, F
Uruguay230V 50HzC, F, I, L
Vietnam220V50HzA, C, F