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Plug Type E

Used in: France, Belgium, Slovakia and Tunisia among others (see complete list of countries on the right)

The Type E electrical plug has two 4.8 mm round pins spaced 19 mm apart and a hole for the socket's male earthing pin. The Type E plug has a rounded shape and the Type E socket has a round recess. Type E plugs are rated 16 amps.


Note: The CEE 7/7 plug was developed to work with Type E and Type F sockets with a female contact (to accept the earthing pin of the Type E socket) and has earthing clips on both sides (to work with Type F sockets).

Locations using Plug Type E

Belgium230V50HzC, E
Benin220V50HzC, E
Burkina Faso220V50HzC, E
Burundi220V50HzC, E
Cameroon220V50HzC, E
Central African Republic220V50HzC, E
Chad220V50HzC, D, E, F
Comoros220V50HzC, E
Congo230V50HzC, E
Congo (Democratic Rep. of)220V50HzC, D, E
Cote d'Ivoire230V50HzC, E
Czech Republic230V50HzC, E
Denmark230V50HzC, F, E, K
Djibouti220V50HzC, E
Equatorial Guinea220V50HzC, E
Ethiopia220V50HzC, E, F, L
Faroe Islands230V50HzC, F, E, K
France230V50HzC, E
French Guiana220V50HzC, D, E
Greenland230V50HzC, F, E, K
Guadeloupe230V50HzC, D, E
Lao People's Democratic Republic230V50HzA, B, C, E, F
Liberia120V 220V50Hz, 60HzA, B, C, E, F
Madagascar127V 220V50HzC, D, E, J, K
Mali220V50HzC, E
Martinique220V50HzC, D, E
Monaco230V50HzC, D, E, F
Mongolia220V50HzC, E
Morocco127V 220V50HzC, E
Niger220V50HzA, B, C, D, E, F
Poland230V 50HzC, E
SaintVincent and the Grenadines230V50HzA, C, E, G, I, K
Senegal230V50HzC, D, E, K
Slovakia230V50HzC, E
Syrian Arab Republic220V50HzC, E, L
Timor-Leste220V50HzC, E, F, I
Tunisia230V50HzC, E