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Plug Type D

Used in: India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Namibia (see complete list of countries on the right)

The Type D electrical plug has three large round pins in a triangular pattern. Type M plugs are often used alongside Type D plugs for larger appliances and as a result, some sockets work with both Type D and Type M plugs.

Type D plugs are rated 5 amps.

Locations using Plug Type D

Bangladesh220V50HzC, D, G, K
Bhutan230V50HzC, D, F, G, M
Botswana230V50HzD, G, M
Chad220V50HzC, D, E, F
Congo (Democratic Rep. of)220V50HzC, D, E
Dominica230V50HzD, G
French Guiana220V50HzC, D, E
Ghana230V50HzD, G
Guadeloupe230V50HzC, D, E
Guyana240V 60HzA, B, D, G
Hong Kong220V50HzG, D
India230V50HzC, D, M
Iraq230V50HzC, D, G
Jordan230V50HzB, C, D, F, G, J
Lebanon220V50HzA, B, C, D, G
Libya127V 230V50HzC, D, F, L
Macau220V50HzD, M, G, F
Madagascar127V 220V50HzC, D, E, J, K
Maldives230V50HzA, C, D, G, J, K, L
Martinique220V50HzC, D, E
Monaco230V50HzC, D, E, F
Myanmar230V50HzC, D, F, G
Namibia220V50HzD, M
Nepal230V50HzC, D, M
Niger 220V50HzA, B, C, D, E, F
Nigeria230V50HzD, G
Pakistan230V50HzC, D, G, M
Saint Kitts and Nevis230V 60HzA, B, D, G
Senegal230V50HzC, D, E, K
Sierra Leone230V50HzD, G
South Africa230V50HzC, D, M, N
Sri Lanka230V50HzD, M, G
Sudan230V50HzC, D
Tanzania230V50HzD, G
United Arab Emirates 230V50HzD, G
Yemen230V50HzA, D, G
Zambia230V50HzC, D, G
Zimbabwe220V50HzD, G