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Plug Type B

Used in: North and Central America, Japan (see complete list of countries on the right)

The Type B electrical plug has two flat parallel pins and a round grounding (or earth) pin. The earth pin is longer than the other two so that the device is grounded before the power is connected. As with the type A plugs, the American and Japanese versions vary slightly.

Type B plugs are rated at 15 amps.

Locations using Plug Type B

American Samoa120V60HzA, B, F, I
Antigua and Barbuda230V60HzA, B
Aruba127V60HzA, B, F
Bahamas120V60HzA, B
Barbados115V50HzA, B
Belize 110V 220V 60HzA, B, G
Bermuda120V60HzA, B
BritishVirgin Islands110V60HzA, B
Canada120V60HzA, B
Cayman Islands120V60HzA, B
Colombia110V60HzA, B
Costa Rica120V60HzA, B
Cuba110V 60HzA, B
Dominican Republic110V60HzA, B
Ecuador120V60HzA, B
El Salvador115V60HzA, B
Guam110V60HzA, B
Guatemala120V60HzA, B
Guyana240V60HzA, B, D, G
Haiti110V60HzA, B
Honduras110V60HzA, B
Jamaica110V50HzA, B
Japan100V50Hz, 60HzA, B
Jordan230V50HzB, C, D, F, G, J
Lao People's Democratic Republic230V50HzA, B, C, E, F
Lebanon220V50HzA, B, C, D, G
Liberia120V 220V50Hz, 60HzA, B, C, E, F
Mexico127V60HzA, B
Micronesia, Federated States of120V60HzA, B
Montserrat230V60HzA, B
Netherlands Antilles127V 220V50HzA, B, C, F
Nicaragua120V60HzA, B
Niger220V50HzA, B, C, D, E, F
Palau120V60HzA, B
Panama110V60HzA, B
Peru220V60HzA, B, C
Philippines, Rep. of the220V60HzA, B, C
Puerto Rico120V60HzA, B
Saint Kitts and Nevis230V60HzA, B, D, G
Taiwan110V60HzA, B
Thailand220V50HzA, B, C, F
Trinidad and Tobago115V60HzA, B
Turkmenistan220V50HzB, C, F
Turks and Caicos Islands120V60HzA, B
United States of America120V60HzA, B
United States Virgin Islands110V60HzA, B
Venezuela120V60HzA, B