Technology sectors

The IEC covers a vast array of technologies in its standardization and conformity assessment activities. Those technologies cover the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, and the products and systems that use that electricity, as well as their interoperability, environmental impact, performance and safety.


If you are more familiar with the technologies, you may wish to review the technologies by the IEC Technical Committees & Subcommittees.

Featured technology sectors

This section of the web site helps you to locate technologies by sector. A number of featured technology zones which take you through layers of increasing detail to the final IEC Standards that serve the respective technologies.


The zones featured here include:

  • the IEC’s latest activities in meeting the global energy challenge,
  • the IEC’s role in the Smart Grid,
  • details of our work in Renewable Energies.
  • the critical work the IEC carries out in
    • Electromagetic Compatibility (EMC)
    • and Functional Safety (essentially designing safety into equipment and systems).