TC News - June 2019


Decisions and actions resulting from the SMB meeting held in Geneva, 2019-06-17



IEC Technical Policy and Management

Use of term "mandatory" in IEC Guides

SMB decided to no longer use the term “mandatory Guide” in IEC Guides, and requested DMT to:

  • propose an approach whereby we avoid the term “mandatory Guide” by using reference in the Directives to relevant IEC Guides; and
  • develop elements that should be included in those IEC Guides, which are referenced in the Directives (e.g. “shall”, “should”).

SMB further requested Advisory Committees to hold the publication of any revision work for relevant Guides until DMT recommendations have been approved by SMB.

(SMB Decision 165/4)


Revision of IEC Guide 108

SMB noted that IEC Guide 108 had been approved by the IEC National Committees. Comments received during the ballot will be taken into account for the next revision of IEC Guide 108. SMB invited Advisory Committees to take into account IEC Guide 108 in their ongoing work.
SMB further acknowledged the work performed in the ISO/TMB Task Force on Foundational Standards and looked forward to further opportunities to harmonize the concept and processes for a horizontal deliverable/publication.

(SMB Decision 165/7)


Proposal for a new SyC on Communication Technologies & Architetures

SMB agreed with the recommendation of SEG 8 to establish a SyC with an initial title – Communication Technologies & Architectures – and the following initial scope:

  • Facilitate and advise in the domain of communication technologies and architectures to advance and harmonize communication technology related activities in the IEC according to clause 2 in AC/22/2017.
  • Facilitate outreach and influence the work on communication technologies and architectures with other SDOs and industry consortia, in collaboration with SG 13.

SMB agreed with the initial list of tasks and deliverables given in Recommendation A.2 and requested the SyC to include in its scope a clear indication that the work needs to be performed in close coordination and cooperation with TC/SCs.
SMB requested SEG 8 to prepare the proposal for the new SyC for approval by the IEC National Committees.

(SMB Decisions 165/12)


SEG 9 Smart Home / Office Building Systems

SMB agreed with the recommendation of SEG 9 to extend its lifetime for a period of two years, noting the strategic importance of this work for the IEC and the urgency for it to be completed as soon as possible. SEG 9 is requested to provide an interim report by SMB meeting 168 in June 2020.
SMB further agreed that the involvement of additional TC/SCs in the work of SEG 9 will be instrumental to a successful outcome and encouraged TC 72, TC 79, TC 100, SyC AAL, JTC 1/SC 25 and ISO/TC 205 to actively participate in its programme of work. SMB asked SEG 9 to have an indication of this participation by SMB meeting 167 in February 2020.

(SMB Decision 165/13)


Request from SyC Smart energy on free availability of certain deliverables

Further to requests from SyC Smart Energy and JTC 1, SMB asked the Sales Advisory Group (SAG) to consult with all relevant parties (including SMB, CB Task Force on New Revenue Generation, JTC 1, etc.) in order to find the most suitable entity to address the issue of free availability of certain deliverables.
SMB noted that the criteria for free availability proposed by SyC Smart Energy had been submitted to SAG for consideration.

(SMB Decision 165/18)


Committee Secretary name change to Committee Manager

SMB took into consideration the results and comments of the survey of TC/SC Secretaries on the name change, however, did not approve the Committee Secretary name change.
SMB noted that ISO/TMB already approved the name change and therefore requested IEC Central Office to prepare an amendment to the section “Terminology used in this document” in Part 1 of the ISO/IEC Directives to reflect to different terminology used by IEC and ISO to represent the concept of Committee Secretary.
SMB acknowledged that further collaboration is necessary on this issue, to further investigate the impact of this decision and may revisit the decision in two years.

(SMB Decision 165/24)


Inclusion of ISO Supplement Annexes SL and SP

SMB acknowledged the concerns raised by ACOS, TC 62, DE NC and NL NC regarding the inclusion of ISO Supplement Annex SL (“Management system standards”) and ISO Supplement Annex SP (“MSS development rules”) into the common ISO/IEC Directives text as new Annexes M and L.
SMB requested DMT to:

  • review the content of these annexes;
  • assess their adequacy to IEC needs; and
  • make recommendations to support SMB decisions for subsequent implementation

SMB encouraged the participation of ACOS, TC 62 and any other relevant parties in the discussion.

(SMB Decision 165/25)


TC/SC Matters

Proposal from the German NC for a new PC on Operation of electrical power installations

SMB recommended that the proposal for setting up a PC follow the process described in SMB Decision 163/6, to hold a web conference prior to circulation for formal approval by the IEC National Committees.

(SMB Decisions 165/16)


Proposal from the Chinese NC for a new PC on Low-voltage auxiliary power systems for electric power plants and substations

SMB noted that the proposal for a new PC, Low-voltage auxiliary power systems for electric power plants and substations, had been approved by the IEC National Committees, and decided to set up PC 127, with the following initial scope:
Standardization in the fields of low-voltage auxiliary power systems for electric power plants and substations, including:

  • system design;
  • installation and acceptance;
  • commissioning;
  • operation and maintenance;
  • safety and reliability;

and excluding nuclear power, railways and shipping.
SMB assigned the secretariat of PC 127 to China. Comments made during the ballot process are referred to PC 127 for resolution at its first meeting.

(SMB Decisions 165/17)


Review of TC/SC statistics

SMB noted the importance of monitoring the adoption and usage of TC/SC deliverables to assess their market relevance but acknowledged the current difficulty of accessing reliable adoption and usage statistics, thus not allowing this criterion to be used at this time. SMB will review the possibilities to get reliable data as part of the annual review of TC/SC statistics.
SMB further requested Central Office to include the participation of P-members in TC/SC plenary meetings as additional criterion when carrying out the annual review of TC/SC statistics.

(SMB Decisions 165/5)


Review of remote participation at TC/SC meetings

SMB thanked Tadashi Ezaki and ahG 76 for preparing the draft guidance document on remote participation at TC/SC meetings.
SMB agreed with the guidance document as presented, taking into account comments received in SMB/6739A/CC. Feedback from SMB members will be sought, e.g. by web conference, on basic principles (number of remote participants, P-member obligation, voting rights, etc.) so that a final decision and the transformation of the trial into a permanent feature can be made at SMB meeting 166 in October 2019.

(SMB Decisions 165/22)


TC/SC reports

SMB approved 16 TC/SC reports, including SBPs by correspondence, before the SMB meeting.

(SMB Decisions 165/2)


Presentations given at SMB meeting 165

Presentation from ACSEC

Markus Reigl, ACSEC Chair, gave a presentation on ACSEC activities. SMB looked forward to further alignment with ACOS to elaborate a “Safety & Security Guide” and further development of a mapping tool. (SMB/6750/INF)

(SMB Decision 165/11)

Presentation from SyC LVDC

Vimal Mahendru, Chair SyC LVDC, gave a presentation on SyC LVDC activities. SMB noted the status of the consultations held by the SMB leadership to resolve the issue of the WG 1 deliverable on electricity access.
SMB asked Central Office to organize a meeting chaired by the SMB Chair with all involved parties (SyC LVDC/WG 1, TC 64, and TC 82) to build consensus and agreement in order to proceed in SyC LVDC with the development of the current electricity access project as an International Standard. SMB will make a final decision as required at the latest at SMB meeting 166 in October 2019. (SMB/6759A/INF)

(SMB Decision 165/19)

Presentation from TC 21 Secondary cells and batteries

Herbert Giess, Chair TC 21, gave a presentation on TC 21 activities. SMB noted the challenges faced by TC 21 when it comes to industry concentration and availability of experts. (SMB/6723/INF)
(SMB Decision 165/20)

Presentation from JTC 1/SC 27 Information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection

Andreas Wolf, Chair JTC 1/SC 27, gave a presentation on JTC 1/SC 27 activities. SMB congratulated JTC 1/SC 27 for its impressive programme of work and encouraged JTC 1/SC 27 to actively liaise and cooperate with all relevant IEC TC/SCs. (SMB/6740/INF)
(SMB Decision 165/21)

Presentation from external organizations

The following presentations were circulated to SMB:






(SMB Decision 164/26, 165/27)

Next SMB Meetings


SMB confirmed the date and place of meetings listed below.

Dates and places for 2019

2019-10-19 - Saturday CAG meeting (Shanghai, CN)
2019-10-21 - Monday (Shanghai, CN - General Meeting)

Dates and places for 2020

2020-02-11 - Tuesday CAG meeting (New Delhi, IN)
2020-02-12 - Wednesday (New Delhi, IN)
2020-06-08 - Monday CAG meeting (Geneva, CH)
2020-06-09 - Tuesday (Geneva, CH)
2020-10-03 - Saturday CAG meeting (Stockholm, SE)
2020-10-05 - Monday (Stockholm, SE - General Meeting)

Dates and places for 2021

2021-02-22 - Monday CAG meeting (Montreux, CH)
2021-02-23 - Tuesday (Montreux, CH)
2021-06-13 - Sunday CAG meeting (Geneva, CH)
2021-06-14 - Monday (Geneva, CH)
2021-10-08 - Friday CAG meeting (Dubai, AE)
2021-10-10 - Sunday (Dubai, AE - General Meeting)