TC News - February 2019


Decisions and actions resulting from the SMB meeting held in Montreux, 2019-02-19



IEC Technical Policy and Management

ahG 84 Sustainable Development Goals

Further to a presentation from Mr Vimal Mahendru at the SMB CAG meeting, SMB set up ahG 84, Sustainable Development Goals, with the following scope:

  • Educate, inform and motivate IEC community
  • Explore combining conformity assessment schemes with standards for SDGs
  • Explore ways for TCs to include reference to SDGs in their work/reports

SMB further invited Central Office to provide additional inputs on SDG-related activities and follow-up on them, and invited CAB to participate.

(SMB Decision 164/5)


ahG 80 Clarification of Systems Concepts

SMB noted that the Operational Model for Systems Committees (SyCs), including an item on the value of Systems Reference Deliverables (SRDs), had been approved and would be included in a future edition of the ISO/IEC Directives.
SMB requested Central Office to develop guidance material and organize training on the concepts for all concerned, and disbanded ahG 80.

(SMB Decision 164/8)


New SEG 11, Future Sustainable Transportation

Further to the final report from ahG 81 on Electric vehicle and infrastructure landscaping, SMB set up SEG 11, Future Sustainable Transportation. The mission of SEG 11 will be to examine the needs to support the world’s transition to sustainable transportation in developed and developing economies.
SEG 11 is requested to draft a roadmap/landscape on “Future Sustainable Transportation”, taking into account global requirements (e.g. safe, clean, affordable) and new technologies (e.g. autonomous, e-vehicle, IoT) which are relevant to IEC technical activities.

(SMB Decisions 164/9)


JDMT – Committee Secretary Name Change

JDMT asked SMB to debate the name changes from “secretary” to “committee manager” which aimed to better reflect the new enhanced role in the Directives, to empower “committee managers” to take more responsibility for project management, and to contribute to the cultural change across ISO’s community in better project management practices.
SMB requested Central Office to provide additional information (e.g. survey of international TC/SC officers on the name change) including various options for decision at SMB meeting 165.

(SMB Decision 164/22)


Joint meeting of IEC/SMB and ISO/TMB in June 2019

SMB approved the following topics for discussion at the joint meeting of IEC/SMB and ISO/TMB in June 2019:

  • Strengthening ties (“enhanced liaisons”; early collaboration; terminology; issues related to scope overlap of TCs; more joint activities; etc.)
  • Opportunities for cooperation (JTC 1; Digital Transformation; etc.)
  • Mutual learning (understanding the procedures and operation of TMB and SMB, including differences and opportunities)

These topics will be updated with the ISO/TMB input after its meeting held in Kyoto.

(SMB Decision 164/23)


TC/SC Matters

New TC 125, Personal e-Transporters (PETs)

SMB noted that the proposal for a new TC, Personal e-Transporters (PETs), had been approved by the NCs and decided to set up TC 125, with the following provisional scope: Standardization for use on the road or in the public space of electrically powered transport devices (i.e. no human (propulsion) power input) and where the speed control and/or the steering control is electrical/electronic.
SMB assigned the secretariat of TC 125 to Belgium.
(SMB Decisions 164/13)


New PC 126, Binary Generation Systems

SMB noted that the proposal for a new PC, Binary Generation Systems, had been approved by the NCs and decided to set up PC 126, with the following provisional scope: Define the normalized conditions that can estimate the power generation efficiency of a binary power generation system. This includes heat source conditions (temperature, flow rate) and cooling conditions (temperature, flow rate).
SMB assigned the secretariat of PC 126 to Japan.

(SMB Decisions 164/14)


TC/SC reports

SMB approved 53 TC/SC reports, including SBPs by correspondence, before the SMB meeting. SMB noted that TC 17 (SE), TC 81 (IT) and TC 113 (DE) had failed to submit their TC reports (RSMB) on time and invited the NCs holding the secretariats, to investigate.
Note: the reports of TC 17 and TC 81 were circulated on 2019-03-01.

(SMB Decisions 164/2, 164/19)


Presentations given at SMB meeting 164

Presentation on the Masterplan Implementation and ahG 76

Mrs Katharine Fraga, IEC Head of Governance and Strategy, gave a presentation on the Masterplan Implementation Plan. SMB welcomed the positive feedback from Council Board on the action plans developed by SMB.
Mr Thomas Sentko, Convenor ahG 76 presented the activities of ahG 76.
(SMB/6697/INF, zip)

(SMB Decision 164/6)

Presentation from ACTAD

Mr Kyoichi Uehara, Chair ACTAD, gave a presentation on the ACTAD, Advisory Committee on Electricity Transmission and Distribution, activities. SMB looked forward to the revised IEC Guide 111. (SMB/6697/INF, zip)
(SMB Decision 164/10)

Presentation from SyC Smart Energy

Mr Richard Schomberg, Chair SyC Smart Energy, gave a presentation on SyC Smart Energy. SMB noted with satisfaction the efforts made by SyC Smart Energy on disseminating its technical activities. (SMB/6697/INF, zip)
(SMB Decision 164/16)

Presentation from SyC LVDC

Mr Vimal Mahendru, Chair SyC LVDC, gave an update on LVDC and electricity access activities, and SMB noted the urgency of the latter. (SMB/6697/INF, zip)
(SMB Decision 164/17)

Presentation from TC 62

Mr Norbert Bischof, Secretary TC 62, Electrical equipment in medical practice, gave a presentation and SMB asked TC 62 to explore the opportunity of running a pilot with the new online authoring tool when it is available. (SMB/6697/INF, zip)
(SMB Decision 164/18)

Presentation on IEC Academy and Collaboration Platform

Mr Jan-Henrik Tiedemann, IEC Academy Manager, gave a presentation on the IEC Academy and the Collaboration Platform. SMB welcomed the high participation level in IEC Academy webinars and activities. SMB encouraged exploration of further opportunities to apply the IEC Academy concept.
SMB also noted with satisfaction the positive feedback received from IEC experts after the migration to the IEC Collaboration Platform. (SMB/6697/INF, zip)
(SMB Decision 164/20)

Presentation from CENELEC

Mr Geert Maes, CENELEC Customer Solution Manager, gave a presentation on the Frankfurt Agreement and on European Harmonized Standards. (SMB/6697/INF, zip)
(SMB Decision 164/24)

Presentation from CIE

Ms Kathy Nield, CIE General Secretary, gave an update on CIE and an informative review of CIE liaisons to IEC TCs. (SMB/6697/INF, zip)
(SMB Decision 164/25)

Presentation from IEEE

Ms Erin Spiewak, IEEE Manager Operational Program Management, gave an update on IEEE activities. SMB looked forward to the revision of the “Guide to IEC/IEEE Cooperation”. (SMB/6697/INF, zip)
(SMB Decision 164/27)

Presentation from ITU

Mr Nikolai Vassiliev, ITU-R Chief of the Terrestrial Service Department, gave an informative review of ongoing collaboration activities between ITU-R and IEC TCs, including CISPR and JTC 1.
Mr Martin Euchner, ITU-T Advisor, gave an update on new ITU-T work items and the review of ongoing cooperation activities between ITU-T and IEC TCs. (SMB/6697/INF, zip)
(SMB Decision 164/28)

Next SMB Meetings


SMB confirmed the date and place of meetings listed below.

Dates and places for 2019

2019-06-16 - Sunday CAG meeting (Geneva, CH)
2019-06-17 - Monday (Geneva, CH)
2019-06-18 - Tuesday Joint meeting SMB and TMB representatives (Geneva, CH)
2019-10-19 - Saturday CAG meeting (Shanghai, CN)
2019-10-21 - Monday (Shanghai, CN - General Meeting)

Dates and places for 2020

2020-02-11 - Tuesday CAG meeting (New Delhi, IN)
2020-02-12 - Wednesday (New Delhi, IN)
2020-06-08 - Monday CAG meeting (Geneva, CH)
2020-06-09 - Tuesday (Geneva, CH)
2020-10-03 - Saturday CAG meeting (Stockholm, SE)
2020-10-05 - Monday (Stockholm, SE - General Meeting)