TC News - June 2018


Decisions and actions resulting from the SMB meeting held in Geneva, 2018-06-12



IEC Technical Activities - Structure

Working with consortia

Working with consortia SMB established a new Strategic Group SG 13, Working with consortia, which will, amongst others, develop a strategic outreach plan to facilitate the involvement of consortia in IEC work. The SG will also facilitate implementation of Masterplan Objective 1.3, item “Foster partnerships with industry consortia wherever there is a market demand”.

(SMB Decision 162/4)


Masterplan Implementation

SMB requested its ahG 76 to analyze the Masterplan Implementation Plan, taking into account the priorities and recommended actions for each of the items concerned.
The ahG was requested to report back to the SMB meeting in Busan in October 2018.

(SMB Decision 162/5)


TC/SC leadership and regional balance

SMB set up ahG 82, TC/SC leadership and regional balance, with the task of making recommendations on item 3.1 of the draft Masterplan Implementation Plan.
The ahG is requested to report back for SMB meeting 164 in February 2019.

(SMB Decision 162/6)


ACART Applications of Robot Technology

SMB noted the ISO/TMB Resolution 27/2017 and decided that further coordination should be accomplished by normal liaison processes between the TC/SCs (both IEC and ISO) concerned for the time being.
SMB thanked ACART for its work and disbanded it.

(SMB Decision 162/8)


Financial input from SMB

In response to a letter received from FinCom, SMB set up ahG 83, Financial input from SMB, with the task of reporting on:


1. Estimated costs and anticipated return on investment for activities in the Masterplan Implementation.

2. Anticipated growth or decrease in SMB activities or special/new projects for 2020, 2021, 2022 that might impact IEC income or expenses and anticipated return on investment detailing the anticipated activity, the anticipated financial impact and the expected year for each expected growth/decrease.

3. Any deviations from previously communicated information.

4. Providing guidance to SMB entities that need to provide input.


The ahG should report back to SMB once per year, the first time being for October 2018, SMB meeting 163.

(SMB Decision 162/19)


TC/SC Matters

Appointment of SyC Smart Manufacturing Chair and Secretariat

SMB had not been in a position to appoint a Chair with a two-thirds majority and agreed to the solution below.
SMB tasked the DE and US NC to jointly take the leadership of the SyC Smart Manufacturing for an initial period of 6 years.
To implement this, SMB agreed to assign the secretariat of SyC Smart Manufacturing to the US NC and to assign the Chair to the DE NC (Dr Udo Bausch). The Central Office will assign the Systems technical officer to support the work of the SyC.
The assignment of the secretariat and Chair to an NC for an SyC is a pilot project, which does not prejudice any future decision on the subject.

(SMB Decision 161/2 and 162/12)


Appointment of SyC Chairs

SMB agreed to modify the process for the appointment of SyC Chairs to align it with the process for the appointment of TC/SC Chairs and giving P-members of the SyC the responsibility for voting on candidates. SMB also agreed that requirements on the roles, responsibilities and terms of office of SyC Chairs be included in the Directives and be aligned with those of regular TC/SCs.

(SMB Decision 162/18)


Remote participation at TC/SC/SyC meetings

SMB extended the current trial on remote participation at plenary meetings for a further year and requested ahG 76 to review the situation in light of the corresponding item in Masterplan Implementation Plan.
(SMB Decision 162/2)


TC/SC reports

SMB approved 18 TC/SC reports, including SBPs by correspondence, before the SMB meeting.
(SMB Decision 162/15)


Presentations given to SMB meeting 162

Presentation from ACOS

Mr Philippe Juhel, ACOS Chair, gave a presentation on the work of ACOS, Advisory Committee on Safety.
SMB encouraged ACOS to promote its work through workshops and requested Central Office to ensure that TOs briefed TC/SCs on its work. (SMB/6457/INF)

(SMB Decision 162/7)

Presentation from SyC AAL

Mrs Ulrike Haltrich, SyC AAL Chair, gave a presentation on the activities of the Systems Committee on Active Assisted Living. SMB congratulated SyC AAL for its extensive, well-organized work programme. (SMB/6464/INF)

(SMB Decision 162/11)


Presentation from TC 23

Mrs Nadine Bravais, TC 23 Chair, gave a presentation on the work of TC 23, Electrical accessories. SMB welcomed the methodology used for cooperation between TC 23 and TC 34 and appreciated the forward-looking approach to embrace new, digital technologies. (SMB/6459/INF)

(SMB Decision 162/13)


Presentation from JTC 1/SC 25

Mr Rainer Schmidt, JTC 1/SC 25 Chair, gave a presentation on the work of JTC 1/SC 25, Interconnection of information technology equipment. SMB supported JTC 1/SC 25’s approach to “Megatrends”. (SMB/6455/INF)

(SMB Decision 162/14)


Presentation on IT projects

Mr Peter Godwin, Head IT Strategy and Operations, gave a presentation on IT projects.
SMB welcomed the announcement that SMB would be amongst the first adopters of the new Collaboration Tools platform. (SMB/6468/INF)

(SMB Decision 162/16)


Presentation from the DMT

Mr Jim Matthews, DMT Convenor, gave a presentation on the work of the DMT.
SMB confirmed that DMT was responsible for implementation of SMB policy but not to determine that policy. (SMB/6462/INF)

(SMB Decision 162/17)


Presentation from CAB

Mr Shawn Paulsen, CAB Chair, gave an update on CAB activities. (SMB/6466/INF)

(SMB Decision 162/20)


Presentation from CENELEC

Mr Geert Maes, CENELEC Customer Solution Manager, gave an update on CENELEC activities. (SMB/6469/INF)

(SMB Decision 162/23)


Presentation from ETSI

Mr Xavier Piednoir, ETSI Head of External Relations, gave an update on ETSI activities. (SMB/6470/INF)

(SMB Decision 162/24)


Presentation from IEEE

Ms Erin Spiewak, IEEE Manager Operational Program Management, gave an update on IEEE activities. (SMB/6471/INF)

(SMB Decision 162/25)


Presentation from ITU

Mr François Rancy, Director Radiocommunication Bureau, and Mr Reinhard Scholl, Deputy to the TSB Director of the Telecommunication Standardization Bureau, gave an update on ITU-R and ITU-T activities. (SMB/6472/INF)

(SMB Decision 162/26)



Next SMB Meetings


SMB confirmed the date and place of meetings listed below.

Dates and places for 2018

2018-10-20 - Saturday CAG meeting (Busan, KR)
2018-10-22 - Monday (Busan, KR - General Meeting)

Dates and places for 2019

2019-02-18 - Monday CAG meeting (Montreux, CH)
2019-02-19 - Tuesday (Montreux, CH)
2019-06-16 - Sunday CAG meeting (Geneva, CH)
2019-06-17 - Monday (Geneva, CH)

2019-06-18 - Tuesday Joint meeting SMB and TMB representatives (Geneva, CH)
2019-10-19 - Saturday CAG meeting (Shanghai, CN)
2019-10-21 - Monday (Shanghai, CN – General Meeting)

Tentative dates and places for 2020

2020-02-xx - Monday CAG meeting (India, date to be confirmed)
2020-02-xx - Tuesday (India, date to be confirmed)
2020-06-08 - Monday CAG meeting (Geneva, CH)
2020-06-09 - Tuesday (Geneva, CH)

2020-10-03 - Saturday CAG meeting (Stockholm, SE)
2020-10-05 - Monday (Stockholm, SE – General Meeting)