TC News - February 2018


Decisions and actions resulting from the SMB meeting held in Vienna, 2018-02-13



IEC Technical Activities - Structure

Autonomous Systems – Ethics

SMB setup ahG 79, Autonomous Systems – Ethics, with the task of assessing the role of IEC and standards in addressing ethics, trust and values particularly in autonomous systems, and making recommendations to SMB on how best to deal with the subject in IEC. The review should consider the work of JTC 1/SC 42 (Artificial intelligence), ACART, ACOS, TC 59, TC 100, SyC  AAL, SyC Smart Cities, IEEE, ISO and others.
The decision to initiate this work followed on from a presentation made by IEEE at GSC (Global Standards Cooperation).

(SMB Decision 161/4)


ahG 75 Working with consortia

SMB noted that the recommendation for a pilot project for TC 113, aimed at accelerating project start-up, had been approved but further to concerns from some SMB members, requested TC 113 to report back to SMB on the progress of the project at 6-monthly intervals. SMB specifically noted that derogation to the national delegation principle does not set a precedent within IEC.

(SMB Decision 161/5)


Systems Approach

SMB set up of ahG 80, Clarification of Systems Concepts, with the following tasks:

  • Facilitate the cooperation between SyCs and TCs, including the organization of a workshop to understand the challenges facing each
  • Clarify the status of SRDs (Systems Resource Documents)
  • Identify the conditions under which SyCs can prepare IEC deliverables

As a consequence, SMB suspended the finalization of the communication paper, pending the work in ahG 80 and requested inclusion of IEC CO marketing and the SRG in the process of starting a communication campaign.

(SMB Decision 161/9)


Electric vehicle and infrastructure landscaping

SMB set up ahG 81, Electric vehicle and infrastructure landscaping, with the task of preparing a high-level set of proposals for IEC activity in the area of electric vehicles. The proposals should consider allowing broader participation from all stakeholders, notably the vehicle industry. This activity follows on an activity undertaken by ExCo.

(SMB Decision 161/12)


TC/SC Matters

TC/SC reports

SMB approved 37 TC/SC reports, including SBPs by correspondence, before the SMB meeting. SMB noted that TC 42 (CA), TC 48 (US), TC 76 (US), TC 103 (JP) and TC 113 (DE) had failed to submit their TC reports (RSMB) on time and invited the NCs holding the secretariats, to investigate.
(SMB Decision 161/2 and 161/13)


Transparency of TC work programmes

Following examination of the work programme of SC 61D, SMB noted that it was undertaking work without it being recorded in its work programme. In the interests of transparency, SMB instructed TC 61 to ensure that all work in both the TC and its SCs is formally approved before it is initiated by its P-members, in accordance with the ISO/IEC Directives and included in the work programme of the TC or SC respectively.
(SMB Decision 161/14)


Meeting fees

SMB confirmed previous decisions taken with respect to meeting fees, that is that fees for attending any kind of TC, WG, PT, MT or similar meeting are not permitted.
(SMB Decision 161/16)


Presentations given to SMB meeting 161

Presentation from TC 1

Mr Luca Mari, Chair TC 1, gave a presentation on the activities of TC 1, Terminology.
SMB commended TC 1 for having implemented the major changes agreed at its last review by SMB seven years previously. SMB supported the recommendation that terminology be an enabler for the standards development process. (SMB/6367/INF)

(SMB Decision 161/10)

Presentation from TC 69

Mr Jacques Delaballe, Chair TC 69, gave a presentation on the activities of TC 69, Electric road vehicles and electric industrial trucks. SMB noted in particular the explanation concerning the problem with charging stations (IEC 61851-23).
SMB also noted the proposal to create a “landscaping” group, comprising EV stakeholders to review the landscape, identify gaps, risks and areas where IEC should support market needs. (SMB/6347/INF)

(SMB Decision 161/11)

Presentation from ACEA

Dr Solange Blaszkowski gave a presentation on the work of ACEA, Advisory Committee on Environmental Aspects. SMB welcomed the increased participation of TCs in its work, as well as the cooperation with ISO/TC 61 (plastics). SMB encouraged ACEA to take up a more important coordination role with respect to the circular economy and to exchange experiences with the other Advisory Committees with respect to communication and outreach. (SMB/6334/INF)

(SMB Decision 161/6)

Presentation from SRG

Ms Manyphay Viengkham, SRG Convenor, gave a presentation on the work of the SRG, Systems Resource Group. SMB congratulated the SRG on its achievements so far and looks forward to receiving the finalized Systems Approach. SMB noted the difficulties in obtaining all the necessary support in terms of tools and requested the SRG to supply a resource chart to permit IEC management to make the necessary commitments to resourcing this activity. (SMB/6385/INF)

(SMB Decision 161/7)

Presentation from CIE

Ms Kathryn Nield, General Secretary CIE, International Commission on Illumination, gave an update on CIE activities. (SMB/6377/INF)

Presentation from ETSI

Mr Xavier Piednoir, ETSI Head of External Relations, gave an update on ETSI activities. (SMB/6378/INF)

Presentation from IEEE

Mr Sam Sciacca, IEEE Senior Director, gave an update on IEEE activities. (SMB/6379/INF)



Thomas A. Edison Awards


The Thomas A. Edison Award was presented to

  • Dr Peter Zwanziger, Past Chair TC 22

Next SMB Meetings


SMB confirmed the date and place of meetings listed below.

Dates and places for 2018

2018-06-11 - Monday CAG meeting (Geneva)
2018-06-12 - Tuesday (Geneva)
2018-10-20 - Saturday CAG meeting (Busan, KR)
2018-10-22 - Monday (Busan, KR - General Meeting)

Dates and places for 2019

2019-02-18 - Monday CAG meeting (Switzerland)
2019-02-19 - Tuesday (Switzerland)
2019-06-16 - Sunday CAG meeting (Geneva)
2019-06-17 - Monday (Geneva)

2019-06-18 - Tuesday Joint meeting SMB and TMB representatives (Geneva, CH)
2019-10-19 - Saturday CAG meeting (Shanghai, CN)
2019-10-21 - Monday (Shanghai, CN - General Meeting)