TC News - June 2017


Decisions and actions resulting from the SMB meeting held in Geneva, 2017-06-12



IEC Technical Activities - Structure

Masterplan Implementation

SMB decided to set up ahG 76 Masterplan Implementation. Reflecting the intention for the implementation of the Masterplan to be flexible and pragmatic, the task of ahG 76 is to match the main topics of the Masterplan to the responsibilities and activities of SMB in order to ensure alignment and present the findings at SMB 160 in Vladivostok. After final approval of the Masterplan and Implementation Plan, the group will detail the findings and provide SMB with support on how to take action on the implementation plan.

(SMB Decision 159/5)


Digital Transformation

SMB noted that IEC was facing a digital transformation in the near future and that the concept of the published standard and the process for its development would undergo significant changes.


SMB agreed to set up ahG 77 Digital Transformation with the task of elaborating the scope of a possible permanent group with the following tasks:

  • Consult SMB and IEC TC/SC/SyCs on possible ways to implement a digital transformation for the future.
  • Provide a platform for discussion and workshops with internal and external participation.
  • Investigate links to IEC internal and external activities and the technical work under supervision of IEC.
  • The issues to be reviewed include, but are not limited to: societal and cultural developments, a holistic review of standards and standards development, an inventory of technologies available to assist standards and standards development, what opportunities are offered to IEC.

The ahG will report back to SMB 160 meeting in Vladivostok.

(SMB Decision 159/6)


"Hot Topic Radar"

SMB agreed that it was necessary to monitor on a continuous basis changes that could potentially affect the technical work of IEC. Whilst these clearly included technological development, other factors, such as societal changes could also have a large impact. SMB agreed to set up a Strategic Group, SG 11 Hot Topic Radar to proactively monitor emerging issues, including technological changes and other challenges to the technical work of IEC. Its tasks include the definition of a process and its implementation to:

  • detect and maintain a list of hot topics
  • recommend further steps to SMB

In future SG 11 will communicate closely with corresponding initiatives in MSB and CAB.

(SMB Decision 159/7)


Horizontal Standards

SMB noted that the recommendations made by ahG 72 concerning Horizontal Standards had been approved (see details in SMB/6161/R), but decided not to exclude standards prepared by TCs 1 and 3 from the list. SMB agreed to re-instate the definition of Guide, previously present in the ISO/IEC Directives.


SMB agreed to amend recommendation A.3 with the agreed list for allocation of horizontal standards and decided to postpone the review of Horizontal Standards by the Advisory Committees and TCs 1 and 3 until Guide 108 has been revised.

(SMB Decision 159/10)


Horizontal Standards and IEC Guide 108

SMB agreed to improve the visibility of horizontal standards and set up ahG 78 to revise IEC Guide 108, Guidelines for ensuring the coherency of IEC publications – Application of horizontal standards. The revision would include the common aspects from the other IEC Guides.

(SMB Decision 159/11)


Feedback from Conformity Assessment Systems to IEC TC/SCs

SMB confirmed that all necessary action had been taken with respect to the procedures applied for Interpretation Sheets and agreed to strengthen communications to the TC/SCs concerned by Decision Sheets prepared by the CA Systems. TC/SCs would be reminded of the need to respond to requests from the CA Systems, but also to be involved in the discussions in the CA Systems. An AC will be circulated to this effect.

(SMB Decision 159/19)


Conformity Assessment aspects in standards

CAB and SMB have produced guidance for IEC TC/SCs on Conformity Assessment aspects in standards. The Guidance is available at



TC/SC Matters

TC/SC Statistics

SMB confirmed the existing list of indicators (KPIs) were suitable to highlight TC/SCs which required further review by SMB. For such TC/SCs, a dossier would be prepared, including the existing indicators:

  • Number of active projects less than or equal to 5
  • Number of NPs in the last three years equal to 0
  • Number of publications less than or equal to 5
  • Number of experts less than or equal to 10
  • Number of meetings in last 5 years less than or equal to 1

as well as:

  • Number of P-members
  • Officers (Secretary/Chair/Technical Officer)
  • Comment of the NC holding the Secretariat
  • Record of correspondence with TC (including lack of response)
  • Options for resolution from:
    • TC if available
    • IEC/CO
    • Target TC

(SMB Decision 159/3)


TC/SC Minutes Trial

SMB noted that a number of steps had been taken to ensure that TC/SC Decision Lists and Meeting Reports were circulated in a timely fashion following meetings (see Administrative Circulars 5/2017 and 17/2017). A number of tools were already available (collaboration tools, web-conferencing) and a template had been prepared to facilitate the task. The Central Office would monitor the performance of TC/SCs and report back to SMB on a regular basis.

(SMB Decision 159/8)


TC/SC reports

SMB approved 38 TC/SC reports, including SBPs by correspondence before the SMB meeting. The SMB noted that TC 20 (DE), TC 44 (UK), TC 76 (US), TC 17 (SE), TC 29 and TC 88 (DK) had failed to submit the TC reports (RSMB) on time and invited the NCs concerned (holding the secretariat of the listed TCs) to investigate.

(SMB Decision 159/2 and 159/16)


Review of Systems Activities

SMB carried out a review of the Systems Activities in IEC, after the setting up of 4 Systems Committees. The in-depth review was made by ahG 70 (see details in SMB/6160/R), which made a total of 16 recommendations.

  • A1 – New SyC Deliverable: Systems Reference Document (SRD)
  • A2 – Transparency of SyC work to TCs and other groups
  • A3 – SyC may publish International Standards following approval from SMB
  • A4 – Validation of SyC database elements
  • A5 – SyC individual participants
  • A6 – New type of membership for a SyC: Contributing Member
  • A7 – Creating a new type of SyC Group: the Pool of Experts
  • A8 – Secretariat of SyCs remains with Central Office
  • A9 – Renaming Systems Evaluation Groups to Standardization Evaluation Groups
  • A10 – Many types of groups may be a possible successor body from an SEG
  • A11 – Reducing the transition time from a SEG to an SyC
  • A12 – SRG resources and tools
  • A13 – New SRG Deliverable: WIKI
  • A14 – Clarifications to the Annex SP of the Directives – DMT Action
  • A15 – Reinforce the communication of the SyC role with the TCs
  • A16 – Approval of the report and disband ahG 70

The SMB confirmed the importance of the subject of systems activities to the IEC as a whole and that communications between the players is vital. Further initiatives in this respect will be taken.

(SMB Decision 159/9)


Future of PC 118, Smart Grid user interface

SMB took note that PC 118 had been in existence for over 5 years and that new items had been added to the work programme during that time. SMB decided that PC 118 should undertake no further additional work and that the existing items should be completed by the end of 2018.

(SMB Decision 159/18)


Presentations given to SMB meeting 159

Presentation from ACEC

Mr Don Heirman, Chair of ACEC, gave a presentation on the activities of ACEC, Advisory Committee on Electromagnetic Compatibility, (SMB/6168/INF).


SMB, acknowledging the importance of EMC and the work of ACEC, invited ACEC to make proposals on how to improve interaction between ACEC and other TC/SCs.

(SMB Decision 159/13)

Presentation from ACEE

Mr Luc Boutin, Chair of ACEE, gave a presentation on the activities of ACEE, Advisory Committee on Energy Efficiency, (SMB/6169/INF).


SMB encouraged ACEE to pursue its questionnaire on the subject of Energy Efficiency. SMB also noted that a number of TC/SCs had expressed a need to be better informed on matters being covered by ACEE and the suggestion of a regular newsletter.

(SMB Decision 159/14)

Presentation from TC 59

Mr Thomas Hilgers, Chair TC 59, gave a presentation on the organization of TC 59, Performance of household and similar electrical appliances, and its SCs. (SMB/6166/INF).


SMB was advised that a number of NPs would be circulated shortly in SC 59C, Heating appliances, which had been inactive for a number of years. SMB decided that if the NPs were not circulated rapidly the SC would be disbanded. TC 59 was requested to regularly review the structure of its SCs and take appropriate action.

Note: Since this decision was taken, a number of NPs have been received and circulated.

(SMB Decision 159/15)

Presentation on SyC LVDC and LVDC for Electricity Access

Mr Vimal Mahendru, Chair SyC LVDC, gave a presentation on the status of SyC LVDC and LVDC for Electricity Access. (SMB/6189/INF)

Presentation from CENELEC

Mr Geert Maes gave an update on CENELEC activities and the Frankfurt Agreement implementation. (SMB/6190/INF)

Presentation from IEEE

Mr Sam Sciacca, IEEE-SA Senior Director, presented an update on IEEE activities. (SMB/6191/INF)


Next SMB Meetings


SMB confirmed the date and place of meetings listed below.

Dates and places for 2017

2017-10-07 – Saturday CAG meeting (Vladivostok)

2017-10-09 – Monday (Vladivostok, Russia - General Meeting)

Dates and places for 2018

2018-02-12 – Monday CAG meeting (Vienna, Austria)

2018-02-13 – Tuesday (Vienna, Austria)

2018-06-11 – Monday CAG meeting (Geneva)

2018-06-12 – Tuesday (Geneva)

2018-10-20 – Saturday CAG meeting (Busan, KR)

2018-10-22 – Monday (Busan, KR - General Meeting)

Tentative dates and places for 2019

2019-02-xx – SMB CAG meeting (Indonesia) date to be confirmed

2019-02-xx – SMB (Indonesia) date to be confirmed

2019-06-16– Sunday CAG meeting (Geneva)

2019-06-17 – Monday (Geneva)

2019-10-19 – Saturday CAG meeting (Shanghai, CN)

2019-10-21 – Monday (Shanghai, CN - General Meeting)