TC News - October 2015


Decisions and actions resulting from the SMB meeting held in Minsk, 2015-10-12



IEC Technical Activities – Structure

SMB/CAG proposal for a joint ISO/IEC project management workshop

The SMB agreed to the principle of a joint workshop with ISO on the subject of project management. The SMB agreed that the workshop should involve TC/SCs and include a broad exchange of views from all those participating. Whilst participation from SMB and TMB members would be welcome, SMB insisted on strong participation by representative TC/SC officers, including TC/SCs already working with both IEC and ISO (through liaisons, JWGs, etc.). Other than the exchange of best practices, the workshop is encouraged to propose metrics for measuring performance of TC/SCs.
(SMB Decision 154/3)

SMB/CAG proposal on Disruptive technologies

The SMB set up ahG 60 to investigate the role of disruptive technologies in the area of electrotechnologies with an emphasis on healthcare and report on how disruptive technologies may affect the work of more traditional TCs. The work should include activities in TC 62, SyC AAL, SG 10, and ACSEC amongst others.

NOTE: A disruptive technology is an innovation that helps create a new market and value network, and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network (over a few years or decades), displacing an earlier technology.

(SMB Decision 154/4)

Proposed new SyC on Electrotechnical Aspects of Smart Cities

SEG 1 made a proposal for a new SyC (Systems Committee) on Smart Cities, which has been approved by SMB and is currently out for vote to all National Committees (C/1925/DV), together with a call for nominations for a Chair.

(SMB Decision 154/6)

Ad hoc Group on Space technology

The SMB agreed to set up ahG 62 to review the work of CEN/CENELEC TC 5, Space technology, and determining which might items might be of interest to IEC and also which TC/SCs might be concerned.

(SMB Decision 154/31)

Ad hoc Group on Industry participation in feedback loop from conformity assessment to standards development

The SMB agreed to up ahG 63, Industry Participation in feedback loop from conformity assessment to standards development, jointly with CAB to review the existing mechanisms (including Interpretation Sheets) for industry feedback from conformity assessment to standards development and, if necessary, make proposals for improvements.

(SMB Decision 154/34)

Results of ahG 58 on Standardization Project Management

The SMB reviewed the report and recommendations made by ahG 58, Standardization Project Management. The intent of the changes proposed by this ahG is to shift the metrics from timing projects using fixed gates, regardless of size or complexity, to stakeholder defined project milestones. Going forward, stakeholders will be held to deliver to their project plan, and success of the standard’s timing will be based on market needs.

  • In the future all voting and commenting periods will be noted in weeks (currently a mix of weeks and months).
  • Recommendations made for content developers, notably the closer association of Central Office editors in the work of the TC/SCs were made.
  • TC/SCs were encouraged to break up standards to avoid publications with very high page counts when possible.
  • SMB reminded NCs of the requirement in the ISO/IEC Directives, that technical comments be submitted at the CD stage and not delayed until CDV. SMB also agreed that P-members were obliged to submit comments on CDs or New Work Proposals with CD attached.
  • SMB agreed to the following changes on voting/commenting periods on documents:
    • NP Stage – when only an outline is attached, the TC officers may propose a 4 week voting period (normally 12 weeks).
    • CDV Stage – SMB definitively removed the 5-months CDV option as this was no longer being used (all CDVs will be 12 weeks).
    • FDIS stage – SMB decided to shorten the voting period on FDIS to 6 weeks (previously 8 weeks).
  • SMB requested Central Office to develop a tool allowing project leaders to plan the stages of their projects with confidence and accuracy.
  • SMB recommended making use of the large Frankfurt GM in 2016 to hold training workshops for TC/SC officers, convenors and project leaders.
  • SMB decided to review the process and branding of PAS (Publicly Available Specifications) and TS (Technical Specifications).

(SMB Decision 154/9, 10, 12-17)

Translation scenarios / Languages

SMB invited CB to amend the clauses in the Statutes and Rules of Procedure concerning the use of languages in the IEC. The current text does not reflect the reality of the situation, in particular the use of languages in meetings and implied requirement that the IEC publishes all documents in English, French and Russian.
SMB also recommended that it might be useful to designate a definitive language of development for each publication.
CB Decision 2015/014, IEC working language, supported the SMB proposal.
The Council Board supported the proposal from the Standardization Management Board (SMB) to amend to Clause 20 of the IEC Rules of Procedure to require the designation of a definitive language of development for each publication. The Council Board also confirmed that amendments should be proposed to clarify that IEC International Standards may be published in any of the official languages but that English shall be the only language for all IEC meetings.

(SMB Decision 154/11)

TC/SC Matters

PC 118, Smart Grid User Interface

The SMB took note of the issues raised by the German NC concerning the work programme of PC 118. SMB reminded the officers that the scope of work was deliberately limited to the tasks assigned to the PC. SMB expressed some concern on the time interval between meetings and endorsed the request of the PC 118 Chair, Mr Richard Schomberg, for support from the NCs to complete the work of PC 118.

(SMB Decisions 154/26)

TC/SC Reports

The SMB approved 13 TC/SC reports, including SBPs by correspondence before the SMB meeting. The SMB continues to monitor the timing of submission of the TCs/SCs reporting to SMB, to ensure that the reports are received within 3 months of the TC/SC meeting.

(SMB Decisions 154/2)

Projects for which extensions of target dates had been reviewed

The SMB approved extensions of target dates and project plans for projects, including those with more than 4 months delay, CDVs that require longer than 24 months to be available and requests for extensions in the TC/SC reports.

(SMB Decisions 154/27, 154/28 and 154/29)

Presentations given to SMB meeting 154

Presentation from ACTAD

Prof Hisatoshi Ikeda, Chair of ACTAD gave a presentation on the work of ACTAD. ACTAD is invited to find ways of improving communications and information about the work of ACTAD to the TC/SC community.

(SMB Decisions 154/8)

Presentation on Use-Case Management

SMB received a presentation from Ms Jessica Fritz (DE) on Use-Case-Management for an efficient standardization process on the basis of requirements engineering and management. The presentation had received an initial review from the SRG officers and the SRG would give a full report in time for the next SMB meeting in February 2016.

(SMB Decisions 154/22)

Presentation from TC 9

Mr Franco Cavaliere, Chair TC 9, gave a presentation on the activities of TC 9, Electrical equipment and systems for railways. SMB noted with interest the collaboration with UIC (International Union of Railways) and asked TC 9 to ensure that a maximum of work be carried out at the international level, rather than at the regional level.

(SMB Decisions 154/23)

Presentation from TC 99

Mr Enrico Maria Carlini, Chair TC 99, gave a presentation on the work of TC 99, System engineering and erection of electrical power installations in systems with nominal voltages above 1 kV a.c. and 1,5 kV d.c. SMB noted the horizontal nature of its work and the need for collaboration with other TCs and other organizations.

(SMB Decisions 154/29)

Presentation from CENELEC

Mrs Elena Santiago Cid, Director General CENELEC, gave a presentation on “Standards and regulation in Europe – Getting IEC involved in CENELEC standardization to support the single market”.

(SMB Decisions 154/30)

Presentation from CIE

Mrs Kathryn Nield, CIE General Secretary, gave an update on CIE activities. SMB was encouraged by the collaboration currently underway on numerous projects between IEC and CIE.

(SMB Decisions 154/32)

Presentation from IEEE

Mr Sam Sciacca, Senior Director IEEE-SA, gave an update on IEEE activities and cooperation with IEC. SMB agreed that IEC should work with IEEE to regularly exchange communications on new work in the two organizations.

(SMB Decisions 154/33)

Next SMB Meetings

Proposed dates and places for 2016

2016-02-22 – Monday CAG meeting (Geneva)

2016-02-23 – Tuesday (Geneva)

2016-06-13 – Monday CAG meeting (Geneva)

2016-06-14 – Tuesday (Geneva)

2016-10-10 – Monday (Frankfurt, Germany- General Meeting)

Proposed dates and places for 2017

2017-02-13 – Monday CAG meeting (Geneva)

2017-02-14 – Tuesday (Geneva)

2017-06-11 – Sunday CAG meeting (Geneva)
2017-06-12 – Monday (Geneva)

2017-10-09 – Monday (Vladivostok, Russia - General Meeting)


Note: As of 2017, February SMB meetings can be held outside Geneva every two years, upon invitation, and consequently dates might change.