TC News - June 2014


Decisions and actions resulting from the SMB meeting held in Frankfurt, 2014-06-17



IEC Technical Activities - Structure

SEG 2, Smart Grid -> SyC Smart Energy

The SMB is proud to note that the first Systems Committee, SyC Smart Energy, has just been set up, following approval by the National Committees (see SMB/5344/INF). The next step will be the appointment of a Chair and as the Secretariat of this new SyC is held by Central Office, a particular procedure has been put into place, as it would not be appropriate for Central Office to propose a Chair. A call will be made to National Committees to propose a Chair and SMB members will then vote and choose from all candidates nominated. The scope of the SyC Smart Energy is….more.
(SMB Decision 150/4)

SEG 3, AAL -> SyC Active Assisted Living

A second Systems Committee will shortly be proposed and submitted for vote to the IEC National Committees, with the title Active Assisted Living (AAL). This is a consequence of a recommendation by SEG 3, Ambient Assisted Living. The proposal to set up the new SyC will be prepared by the SEG 3 Convenor and circulated to NCs.
The scope of the SyC Active Assisted Living is…more
(SMB Decision 150/5)

SMB ahG 54, LV Direct Current Applications, Distribution, Safety and Market

The SMB set up ahG 54 to review proposals from both the German NC and from SG 4 and make recommendations on future work on LVDC in IEC. This may include a recommendation to set up an SEG, but it will be important to clearly define the scope of the work. The Convenor of the group is Kim Craig (AU) and other than members from SMB, representatives from IEEE and from the Indian NC will be invited to participate. SMB noted that there was activity in India on the subject of LVDC and wished to encourage participation by India in the IEC activities.
(SMB Decision 150/7)

Enhanced cooperation between TCs

The SMB approved the implementation of a number of recommendations from ahG 40 concerning enhanced cooperation between TCs, which will be under the responsibility of Central Office with regular status reports being made to SMB.
(SMB Decision 150/13)

SMB SG 8, Industry 4.0 – Smart Manufacturing

The SMB set up a new Strategy Group, SG 8 to deal with a number of tasks related to Smart Manufacturing. The Convenor will be mutually agreed between DE and the US and invitations to participate in the new SG 8 will be made to ISO, ITU and IEEE.
The proposed scope of SG 8 is…more
(SMB Decision 150/16)

TC/SC Matters

TC/SC Reports

The SMB approved 26 TC/SC reports, including SBPs by correspondence before the SMB meeting. The SMB continues to monitor the timing of submission of the TCs/SCs reporting to SMB, to ensure that the reports are received within 3 months of the TC/SC meeting.
(SMB Decisions 150/2)

Projects for which extensions of target dates had been reviewed

The SMB approved extensions of target dates and project plans for projects, including those with more than 4 months delay, CDVs that require longer than 24 months to be available and requests for extensions in the TC/SC reports.
(SMB Decisions 150/31, 150/32 and 150/33)


Directives and Procedures

Directives Maintenance Team (DMT)

The SMB noted the proposed text from the DMT concerning Systems Activities in IEC and requested the DMT to include this text in the next revision of the Directives, taking into account the comments made, with final approval of the text being made by SMB.
The SMB agreed that a Systems Committee (SyC) can only be set up following initial work through a Systems Evaluation Group (SEG).
The SMB noted the decision taken by CAB the previous day concerning the work of CAB/WG 16 and requested the DMT to work with a CAB representative to take into account the appropriate documentation into the Directives.
(SMB Decisions 150/18)

French translations at the FDIS stage

The SMB requested the Central Office to align the process for registering text for FDIS translation (the RDIS stage) with that currently used for CDV text. National Committees will be advised that the text at this stage is not identical to that circulated at the FDIS stage, as it will be subject to editing by Central Office and that NCs using this text for translations purposes do so at their own risk. Central Office will initiate processing of the text upon reception of the French translation or of the 60 days period, whichever occurs first. This process will be put into effect when an appropriate Administrative Circular (AC) is issued.
(SMB Decisions 150/20)

ISO/IEC Directives, Part 1, 2.3.4, Approval of New Work

The SMB decided not to implement (in the IEC) the requirement for positive votes on New Work proposals (NPs) to be justified, on the grounds that this requirement added no value to the process. The SMB felt that the willingness of 4-5 P-members to submit experts to the project was sufficient proof of interest and relevance.
(SMB Decisions 150/21)

Draft IEC Code of Conduct for Delegates and Experts

The SMB has agreed to the issuance of a guidance document as a Code of Conduct for experts engaged in IEC standardization work. Comments to the draft document from SMB members will be incorporated into the text. A final version will be issued to the IEC community shortly. The document will be discussed at the TC/SC officers’ workshop in Tokyo.
(SMB Decisions 150/29)

Meeting space bank

The SMB agreed to establish a meeting space bank will be a database of facilities offered by National Committees to host IEC meetings. The intention is that these will only require the minimum of essential features. The SMB approved the draft from ahG 50 with some minor changes and requested to Central Office to implement the concept.
(SMB Decisions 150/17)

Presentations given to SMB meeting 150

Presentation from the IEC General Secretary on IT tools

The IEC General Secretary gave a presentation on the use of IT tools and the consultations which had taken place over the previous 12 months, both with National Committees and with TC/SCs. SMB encouraged such consultation to continue, as well as the training sessions which take place at IEC CO and with IEC National Committees.

The SMB noted with interest the approach taken by IEC with respect to the Modular Content Project and in particular the holistic approach taken to cover all aspects of standards development and encouraged the IEC to pursue this approach.
(SMB Decisions 150/30)

Presentation from JTC 1/SC 25

The Chair of JTC 1/SC 25, Gerd Weking, made a presentation on SC 25’s activities and was commended on its liaison model.
(SMB Decision 150/24)

Presentation from ETSI

ETSI, represented by Mr Jørgen Friis, made a presentation and SMB agreed that it would be helpful to reinforce collaboration between IEC and ETSI. It was agreed that Mr Friis and the SMB Secretary would work together to develop proposals.
(SMB Decision 150/36)

Next SMB Meetings

Dates and places for 2014

2014-11-10 - Monday (Tokyo - General Meeting)*
* in parallel with CAB meeting

Dates and places for 2015

2015-02-09 - Monday, Geneva (CAG Meeting)
2015-02-10 - Tuesday, Geneva
2015-06-15 - Monday, Geneva (CAG Meeting)
2015-06-16 - Tuesday, Geneva
2015-10-12 - Monday (Minsk, Belarus - General Meeting)

Proposed dates and places for 2016

2016-02-22 - Monday CAG meeting (Geneva)
2016-02-23 - Tuesday (Geneva)
2016-06-13 - Monday CAG meeting (Geneva)
2016-06-14 - Tuesday (Geneva)
2016-10-10 - Monday (Frankfurt - General Meeting)














The scope of the SyC Smart Energy is:

Standardization in the field of Smart Energy in order to provide systems level standardization, coordination and guidance in the areas of Smart Grid and Smart Energy, including interaction in the areas of Heat and Gas.

To widely consult within the IEC community and the broader stakeholder community to provide overall systems level value, support and guidance to the TCs and other standard development groups, both inside and outside the IEC

To liaise and cooperate with the SEG Smart Cities and future SEGs, as well as the future Systems Resource Group.. ...go back


The scope of the SyC Active Assisted Living is:

The System Committee shall:

  • Create a vision of Active Assisted Living that takes account of the evolution of the market
  • Enable accessibility of AAL Systems and user interfaces
  • Enable cross-vendor interoperability of AAL systems, products and components
  • Communicate the work of the SyC to IEC and the market to foster a strong community of stakeholders

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The proposed scope of SG 8 Industry 4.0 – Smart Manufacturing is:

    • Define Industry 4.0 by means of terminology.
    • Summarize the status of standardization in this field
    • Enhance existing cooperation and establish new liaisons between the following committees and institutions:
      • IEC TC 3, IEC TC 65
      • ISO TC 184
      • ISO/IEC JTC1 SC27
      • ISA
      • IEEE
    • Make an inventory of existing standards and standardization projects in progress
    • Develop a function model / reference architecture that helps to identify gaps in standardization based on to-be-collected use cases. The model shall be based on the models established already in IEC.
    • Develop a common strategy for the implementation of Industry 4.0
    • Enhance the IEC common data dictionary (CDD) base of properties to enable the communication between the Industry 4.0 components
    • Extend the existing standards to comply with the IEC CDD with system-relevant topics including:
      • Environmental conditions
      • Security
      • Properties
      • Energy efficiency
      • Safety (product and functional safety)
    • Suggest that the CDD be implemented via a scalable and easily accessible hardware and software solution compliant with the expected mass data requirements.
    • The ahG 49 would like the SMB to encourage IEC CO to extent the IEC CDD efforts as an important cornerstone for semantic services in the upcoming Industry 4.0 environment
    • Suggest the establishment of a registration authority for identifiers to improve the management of Industry 4.0 components
    • Develop and execute a workshop on Industry 4.0 to enhance its awareness.
    • Take advantage of the liaison between IEC TC 65 and ISO TC 184 to solve open issues regarding the standards series ISO 13584 and IEC 61350.

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