TC News - October 2013


Decisions and actions resulting from the SMB meeting held in New Delhi, 2013-10-21



TC/SC Reports


The SMB approved 22 TC/SC reports, including SBPs by correspondence before the SMB meeting. The SMB continues to monitor the timing of submission of the TCs/SCs reporting to SMB, to ensure that the reports are received within 3 months of the TC/SC meeting. The Secretariats for TCs 62, 101 and 119 and the NCs holding them are urged to complete their reports to the SMB within the three month window.
(SMB Decisions 148/2, 148/20)


Projects for which extensions of target dates had been reviewed


The SMB approved extensions of target dates and project plans for projects, including those with more than 4 months delay, CDVs that require longer than 24 months to be available and requests for extensions in the TC/SC reports.
(SMB Decisions 148/24, 148/25, 148/26)


IEC Technical Activities - Structure

New TC 121, Switchgear and controlgear and their assemblies for low voltage

The SMB noted that the setting up of the new TC 121 had been approved and allocated the secretariat to the French NC. This TC was formed from the work of former SC 17B and SC 17D. Indeed, after the consultation made by TC 17, the resulting comments have pointed the necessity for a stronger coordination between SC 17B and SC 17D which was not easy without any activities at TC 17 level. The new TC will work out the officers and internal structure (working groups, project teams, maintenance teams…) at its first meeting.
(SMB Decision 148/17)

New TC 122, UHV AC Transmission Systems

The SMB noted that the setting up of the new TC 122 had been approved and, following a secret ballot, allocated the secretariat to the Japanese NC. This TC was proposed as one of the final acts of Strategic Group 2, Ultra High Voltage Technologies.
The scope of the new TC is standardization in the field of AC transmission technology at 1000 kV and above, comprising systems-oriented guidance such as that for planning, design aspects, technical requirements, construction, commissioning, reliability, availability, operation and maintenance. Responsibility for equipment standards remains with product TCs, except for specific equipment which is not within the scope of an existing TC but is nevertheless essential for the UHV transmission system. The UHV AC Transmission TC will consult and coordinate with the product TCs in all systems-related aspects of equipment standards as well as with the SMB Advisory Committee on Electricity Transmission and Distribution, ACTAD.
(SMB Decision 148/16)

Smart Grid tool

The SMB received a presentation on a comprehensive tool, developed by SG 3 to facilitate identification and access to relevant standards for use cases and implementation of Smart Grid. This tool includes links to IEC standards as well as relevant standards from other organizations. The smart grid tool available at will be useful for all other IEC groups engaged in systems level work.
(SMB Decision 148/8)

MasterPlan – Enhanced Cooperation Between TCs

The SMB accepted a series of recommendations from its ahG 40 on how cooperation and communication can be improved between TCs.
The recommendations cover the following topics:

  • Tool kit for TC/SC management members
  • Liaison Coordinator
  • Proposed change to Directives relevant to Liaison
  • Liaison coordinator tools
  • IEC/General Meeting’s role
  • Independent IEC events
  • Regional / Sectorial / National events
  • IT tools

The ahG is asked to take the high level points agreed and add specific recommendations to the list for the February 2014 SMB meeting.
(SMB Decision 148/10)

MasterPlan – New Technologies

The SMB approved a series of recommendations from its ahG 41 on how IEC should approach New Technologies. These recommendations presented as a “Technology Watch Model” will require significant resources and Central Office has been requested to respond to the proposals by February 2014. The SMB will also invite MSB representatives for discussion at its February meeting on how to best align and integrate this effort to the future watch efforts under discussion in the MSB.
(SMB Decision 148/11)

Live working Conformity Assessment Requirements

IEC TC 78 has a number of documents which express some requirements on how conformity assessment should be carried out, which failed to respect the spirit of the neutrality principle within the Directives. The SMB set up an ahG group to develop a solution to this and have now come up with wording which is acceptable and no longer makes normative reference to a conformity assessment process. Notwithstanding, there is still clearly a problem in a number of TCs and the SMB will investigate mechanisms to ensure that the neutrality principle relating to conformity assessment is understood by everyone.
(SMB Decision 148/12)

Electrotechnical applications of robotic technologies

The SMB had set up ahG 47 to look at a proposal from China for the setting up of a new TC on household and similar robotic technologies. The ahG had reported that the issue was more complex than originally thought, with a number of other committees in both IEC and ISO interested in the subject. The SMB agreed to set up a new SG 7 to look in more detail at the whole subject and report back within 18 months.
(SMB Decision 148/13)

Remote participation in meetings

The SMB accepted a proposal from ahG 48 to allow for a 1-year trial to permit remote participation (using webconferencing tools) in plenary TC/SC meetings. The intention is not to replace plenary face-to-face meetings but to permit partial attendance by a few delegates for specific agenda items. The recommendations from ahG 48 included:

  • 1 year pilot followed by an evaluation
  • Online participation limited to 1/3 participants
  • Right to comment and cast vote on issues discussed whilst present
  • Develop guidelines, toolkit and trainings after trial period
  • Host committees to make efforts to provide webconferencing capabilities

The decision to allow remote participation in a specific meeting is left to the discretion of the TC / SC officers after consultation with the meeting hosts. A continuous evaluation will be made by Central Office and a report will be made to the SMB in November 2014.
(SMB Decision 148/14)

Meeting space bank

The SMB approved a proposal from its chairman to investigate in more depth the proposal of having a meeting bank for TC/SCs and set up an ahG 50 to provide a specific set of recommendations. The goal of this initiative is to facilitate access to meeting space for “Basic Meetings” for the technical work, and avoid added costs of hospitality, social events, etc.
(SMB Decision 148/23)


Reports from the SMB Strategic Groups/Advisory Committees

SG 4, LVDC distribution system up to 1500V DC

A review of the work of SG 4 was given by the convenor. The SMB requested SG 4 to focus more broadly on market applications of LVDC, and to make recommendations on how coordination of work on LVDC systems and applications could be better carried out in IEC. SG 4 was requested to finish off a roadmap on LVDC applications and systems by June 2014.
SG 4 had made a technical recommendation on voltages and the SMB agreed that it was not the correct body to decide on such issues. SG 4 was invited to propose other mechanisms (IEC Guides or publication by a TC for example) to deal with this matter.
(SMB Decision 148/3 & 4)

SG 5, Ambient Assited Living (AAL)

The SMB congratulated SG 5 on its achievements, notably its ability to respond to the tasks given to it by SMB and looks forward to receiving a final report early in 2014, with recommendations on what further needs are to be addressed.
(SMB Decision 148/5)

SG 6, Electrotechnology for Mobility

SG 6 provided an update of its work plans including roadmapping progress from their recent meeting in Pittsburgh. It will continue to work by webconferencing and face-to-face meetings with a goal of better mapping the linkages to ISO. They anticipate a workshop for stakeholders and relevant TCs in 2014. Longer term, SG 6 anticipates becoming some type of systems group, linked to the efforts of Smart Cities and Smart Grid.
(SMB Decision 148/6)

SG 2, Standardization of Ultra High Voltage Technologies

The SMB accepted the final report of SG 2 and with the creation of TC 122, completed its final recommendation. The work of SG 2 was transferred to the Advisory Committee on Transmission and Distribution (ACTAD) and SG 2 was thanked and disbanded.
(SMB Decision 148/7)


The next Group up for review at SMB meeting 149, on 2014-02-18, is ACEC.


Presentations given to SMB Meeting 148

Presentation from TC 87, Ultrasonics

The Chair of TC 87, Mr John Abbott, made a presentation on its work and SMB commended the committee for its policy on liaison and cooperation.
(SMB Decision 148/18)

Presentation from TC 113, Nanotechnology standardization for electrical and electronic products and systems

The Secretary of TC 113, Mr Norbert Fabricius, updated SMB on activities in TC 113 and SMB encouraged the TC to continue to engage with other TCs which make use of nanotechnology in their activities.
(SMB Decision 148/19)

Presentation from IEEE

SMB received a presentation made by the IEEE representative, Ms. Terry De Courcelle, and agreed to look in further detail at the proposals for enhanced collaboration and cooperation.
(SMB Decision 148/27)

Thomas Edison Award


The SMB awarded the IEC Thomas Edison Award to five recipients. Three were present in this meeting to receive the award, and two will receive it at subsequent SMB meetings.

The recipients are:

  • Ms Sonya Bird, Secretary of TC 61
  • Dr Toshihiro Kojima, Secretary of TC 49
  • Mr Wolfgang Nieuwkamp, Secretary of SC 61J
  • Mr Tony Capel, Chair of SC 65C
  • Mr Bernd Göttert, Secretary of TC 112

Next SMB Meetings

Dates for 2014

2014-02-17 – Monday, Geneva Switzerland (CAG Meeting)
2014-02-18 – Tuesday, Geneva, Switzerland

2014-06-16 – Monday, Frankfurt, Germany (CAG Meeting)
2014-06-17 – Tuesday, Frankfurt, Germany
2014-11-10 – Monday, Tokyo, Japan (General Meeting)

Proposed dates and place for 2015

2015-02-10 – Tuesday, Geneva
2015-06-16 – Tuesday, Geneva
2015-10-12 – Monday, Minsk, BY (General Meeting)