TC News - June 2013


Decisions and actions resulting from the SMB meeting held in Geneva, 2013-06-11



TC/SC Reports


The SMB approved 25 TC/SC reports, including SBPs by correspondence before the SMB meeting. The SMB continues to monitor the timing of submission of the TCs/SCs reporting to SMB, to ensure that the reports are received within 3 months of the TC/SC meeting. SMB requested the NCs of US, ES, DE, FR and KR to follow-up with the secretaries of TCs which had not submitted their reports in due time (TC/SCs 1, 32B, 65, 76, 82, 106 and 119).

(SMB Decisions 147/2 and 147/22)


Projects for which extensions of target dates had been reviewed


The SMB approved extensions of target dates and project plans for projects, including those with more than 4 months delay, CDVs that require longer than 24 months to be available and requests for extensions in the TC/SC reports.
(SMB Decisions 147/25, 147/26, 147/27)


IEC Technical Activities - Structure

Systems Group Work

SMB approved the work of ahG 35 on Systems Work in the IEC. The concepts which need to be implemented will require a major programme of training and workshops to the IEC community and this will be put into place, in collaboration with the National Committees over the next 12 months. A specialized staff member is being recruited by IEC Central Office to be responsible for this activity.
Following the approval of the principle of the Systems work, SMB also agreed to the setting up of two SEGs (Systems Evaluation Groups), on Smart Grid and Smart Cities (see below).
The IEC operates in a complex technical world of innovation and convergence of technologies and there are increasing areas where the span of work is not fully contained within the scope of a single TC/SC. The new approach to this complex work will make use of systems engineering methodologies for complex systems.
(SMB Decision 147/10)

Transformation of Strategic Group 3, Smart Grid, into an SEG

SMB agreed that SG 3 should be transformed into a Systems Evaluation Group on Smart Grid, with instructions to consult more openly with the broader stakeholder community on the work needed in this area, and to also prepare for the setting up of a Systems Committee (SyC) on Smart Grid.
(SMB Decision 147/4)

Setting up of an SEG on Smart Cities

SMB agreed to the setting up of a Systems Evaluation Group on Smart Cities to:

  • Make an inventory of existing standards and standardization projects in progress in IEC, ITU-T and ISO. For this purpose, engage key stakeholders interested in smart cities standardization work.
  • Define a structure for the coordination of cross TC/SC work in IEC, where required.
  • Monitor TC/SC work in IEC to highlight any overlap of work or potential inconsistencies,
  • Liaise with ISO, ITU, and other organizations, fora and consortia. Represent IEC in the coordination and cooperation with other organizations, fora and consortia in the field of smart cities.
  • Take into consideration the economic aspects of smart cities, e.g. by identifying international market potential, identifying market drivers.
  • Consequently the evaluation group shall be able to reflect the state of the art and identify potential gaps to address the IEC standardization needed in smart cities, as well as through collecting and analyzing use cases in this field.
  • Fill these gaps by drawing a roadmap in IEC with a timeline that includes a reference architecture and prospective standardization projects.
  • The evaluation group’s tasks also includes alignment of terms and definitions in electrotechnical field referring to smart cities, providing an efficient and transparent platform for information exchange and communication between IEC and other relevant stakeholder groups.
  • This Evaluation Group needs to consider the work of both IEC/TCs/SCs and IEC/SMB/SGs.

SMB noted that there is work at a high level taking place in MSB and two representatives from MSB, Mr Claude Breining and Mr Don Deutsch have agreed to participate in the SEG. Participation in SEGs is open, but specific invitations will be made to ITU-T and ISO to take part in the Smart Cities SEG.
(SMB Decision 147/15)

TC/SC structure

SMB has reviewed the structure of a number of TCs, notably those with a large number of SCs and those with a shell parent TC. Responses have been received from all the TCs concerned and a number of TCs have taken measures, in particular the reorganization of their SCs, in response to this activity.
SMB also reviewed a number of TCs with respect to the activity, based on five measurable criteria. The TCs concerned have also taken measures. This review will be carried out on an annual basis.
(SMB Decisions 147/16, 17, 18)

Voting by correspondence at TC/SC meetings

SMB, whilst encouraging P-members to make contributions regarding their views to the discussions at plenary TC/SC meetings, decided that it was not permissible to allow votes to be submitted in advance of discussion at the meeting and that it was necessary for P-members to have taken part in discussions at the TC/SC meeting concerned to be allowed to cast a vote on items on the agenda for decision at a Plenary meeting.
(SMB Decision 147/22)

Remote participation at TC/SC meetings

SMB set up ahG 48, Remote participation at TC/SC meetings, to propose guidelines to permit remote participation at meetings. The ahG is requested to report back by SMB meeting 148 in New Delhi in October 2013.
(SMB Decision 147/23)

Appeal on document 85/449/FDIS

SMB accepted the appeal made the USNC on document 85/449/FDIS and set up a conciliation panel comprising the officers of TCs 61, 85 and 108, a representative of ACOS, and the technical officers concerned, under the convenorship of the technical manager of the IEC. If necessary a second FDIS will be circulated.
(SMB Decision 147/24)


Reports from the SMB Strategic Groups/Advisory Committees

ACOS, Advisory Committee on Safety

SMB approved the recommendation of ACOS that TC 64 be assigned responsibility for standardization on protection against electric shock at the point of connection with the electric installation to electric vehicles, in close collaboration with SG 6 and other TCs.
(SMB Decision 147/8)

ACEE, Advisory Committee on Energy Efficiency

SMB approved the appointment of Dr Ralph Sporer as Chairman of ACEE for a 3-year period starting 2013-07-01. It also approved the initial membership of ACEE, noting that there were rather more NC experts than recommended in the generic terms of reference for Advisory Committees, and also noting that a number of TCs had not yet appointed a member.
(SMB Decision 147/9)


The next Groups up for review, at meeting SMB 148 in New Delhi, 2013-10-21, are SG 4, SG 5, SG 6 and ACEC.


Presentations given to SMB Meeting 147

Presentation from TC 34, Lamps and related equipment

The Chair of TC 34, Mr Richard Kotschenreuther made a presentation on its work and was instructed to strengthen its liaisons with other organizations, particularly ISO/TC 274, the CIE (Commission Internationale de l’Éclairage) and IEA (International Energy Agency).

Presentation from TC 88, Wind turbines

The Chair of TC 88, Mr Sandy Butterfield, updated SMB on activities in TC 88, particularly on work related to Conformity Assessment. TC 88 confirmed that it was working with CAB to ensure that CA requirements were being removed from IEC 61400-22.


Relations with ISO

ISO/IEC Directives

SMB, whilst approving the report of the JDMT, agreed that:

  • The report on voting on new work proposals (RVN) should be available within 4 weeks of the close of voting on the new work proposal (confirmation of the decision taken by SMB in Sao Paolo). This now aligns the period for secretaries to secure additional experts on NPs with the period required to produce the report of voting to 4 weeks
  • For Guides, the Directives should reflect that Guides can be prepared by all SMB groups, not just Advisory Committees;
  • The JDMT was authorized to prepare a revision of the ISO/IEC Directives, Part 2.

(SMB Decision 147/7)

Next SMB Meetings

Dates for 2013

2013-10-21 – Monday, New Delhi, India (General Meeting)

Dates for 2014

2014-02-17 – Monday, Geneva Switzerland (CAG Meeting)

2014-02-18 – Tuesday, Geneva Switzerland
2014-06-16 – Monday, Frankfurt, Germany (CAG Meeting)
2014-11-10 – Monday, Tokyo, Japan (General Meeting)

Proposed dates and place for 2015 (tentative)

2015-02-24 – Tuesday (Geneva)

2015-06-16 – Tuesday (Geneva)

2015-10-12 – Monday (Minsk, BY, General Meeting)