TC News - February 2013


Decisions and actions resulting from the SMB meeting held in Geneva, 2013-02-12



IEC Technical Activities - Structure

Systems Groups – Ad Hoc Group 35

SMB approved the concepts presented by ahg 35 and will consider proposals for the creating of Systems Evaluation Groups (SEGs) and Systems Committees (SyCs). SMB agreed that it was vital that the concepts proposed relating to Systems work in IEC be communicated in depth to the IEC community and more particularly to TC/SCs and to the NCs. SMB charged Central Office with this role.


Terminology for the entities will now be:

  • Systems Evaluation Groups (SEG)
  • Systems Committees (SyC)
  • Systems Resource Group (SRG)

The information concerning Systems Evaluation Groups (SEGs), Systems Committee (SyCs) and Systems Resource Group (SRG), and comments received and circulated as SMB/4952A/CC on 2013-02-15, will be communicated in the form of Administrative Circulars which will be reviewed by ahG 35 prior to circulation, as well as other appropriate communications media. .
(SMB Decision 146/13)

TC/SC Chairman’s Terms of Office

TC/SC Chairmen terms of office will be limited to an initial term of a maximum of 6 years, followed by a single extension of a maximum of 3 years. The new disposition will come into effect on 2014-01-01 with all current terms of office to run normally. All chairmen whose terms of office expire after this date and who have served a total of 9 years or more will not be eligible for additional terms so those TCs or SCs will need to have a successor.


SMB notes the proposals made by China, suggesting the potential value of the Vice-Chair role, as a method of preparing a successor, as well as the use of a standard template for the preparation of CVs, proposed by Italy, and encourages TC/SCs to make use of these possibilities.
(SMB Decision 146/15)

Proposals for a new TC on UHV AC transmission system
UHV AC Transmission Systems

New Technologies - UHV AC Transmission Systems

The SMB noted the proposal from SG 2 for the setting up of a new TC and requested SG 2 to update the proposal outlined in document SMB/4938/DC, to take into account the comments made by several NCs. The resulting document would be circulated as a proposal for a new TC to National Committees. (SMB Decision 146/16)


Reports from the SMB Strategic Groups/Advisory Committees

SG 1 and Renewable Energies

SG 1: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies

Further to its review process of Strategic Groups, the SMB decided to disband SG 1 as from 2013-06-30, and thanked SG 1 and its Convenor, Dr. Bernhard Thies, for the work undertaken. The SMB recognized the importance of energy efficiency in the IEC work, and agreed to the SG 1 recommendation to form an Advisory Committee on Energy Efficiency (ACEE), with the scope given in document SMB/4951/R, with modifications related to horizontal issues. A call for members and nominations for a chairman by 2013-04-15. It was decided to refer terminology questions to TC 1 for consultation.
(SMB Decisions 146/6 & 146/7)

SG 2, Ultra-high voltage technologies

SG 2: Ultra-high voltage technologies

The SMB agreed to disband SG 2 after October 2013 and, in the meantime, to allow SG 2 to continue operations until 2013-10-01, requesting SG 2 to prepare a road-map of this area and the technology trends associated. SMB also noted that the request to organize the coordination of scopes of relevant TCs (8, 28, 42, 99, 115 and other relevant TCs) and the work on DC Grids would be referred to ACTAD.
(SMB Decision 146/8)

DMT, Directives Maintenance Team

The SMB approves both recommendations proposing modifications to the Directives, including alternative wording to Recommendation A2 concerning Preliminary Work Items (PWI) and the requirement of every TC/SC to set a specific expiration date for the PWI (to comply with SMB Decision 143/21).
(SMB Decision 146/10)


ACEA is asked to review the environmental landscape of standardization and regulation and to define a roadmap of the necessary environmental work within the IEC and to report on progress at SMB 148 in October 2013, with a target completion date of February 2014.
(SMB Decision 146/14)

TC Statistics

The SMB decided that for those TCs or SCs meeting three or more identified criteria

  • Number of active projects less than or equal to 5
  • Number of NP in the last three years equal 0
  • Number of publications less than or equal to 5
  • Number of experts less than or equal to 10 Number of meetings in last 5 years less than or equal to 1

(SMB/4954/DC) it is proposed that the Technical Officer should work with the TC / SC officers to develop a short response with information on the performance of the TC and an explanation as to why the TC or SC might be captured by the criteria established by the SMB. It is possible that the numbers identified could be due to some performance issue within the TC or SC or could be a statistical anomaly due to a clearly explained reason. These responses are to be returned to the SMB Secretariat for compilation by 2013-05-01.
(SMB Decision 146/20)


Next SMB Meetings

Dates for 2013

2013-06-11 – Tuesday, Geneva Switzerland
2013-10-21 – Monday, New Delhi, India (General Meeting)

Dates for 2014

2014-02-18 – Tuesday, Geneva Switzerland
2014-06-17 – Tuesday, Frankfurt, Germany
2014-11-10 – Monday, Tokyo, Japan (General Meeting)

Proposed dates and place for 2015 (tentative)

2015-02-10 – Tuesday (Geneva)

[Secretariat note: The proposed date for the February 2015 meeting was changed following the SMB meeting to accommodate national holidays]

2015-06-16 – Tuesday (Geneva)

2015-10-12 – Monday (Minsk, BY, General Meeting)