TC News - June 2012


Decisions and actions resulting from the SMB meeting held in Boston, 2012-06-12



TC/SC Reports


The SMB approved 27 TC/SC reports, including SBPs by correspondence before the SMB meeting. The SMB is carefully monitoring the timing of submission of the TCs/SCs reporting to SMB, to ensure that the reports are received within 3 months of the TC/SC meeting.
(SMB Decision 144/2)


Projects for which extensions of target dates had been reviewed


The SMB reviewed the status of target dates and project plans for 35 projects, these include late projects and projects older than 5 years, and CDVs that require longer than 24 months to be available. (SMB Decisions 144/23 and 144/24)


IEC Technical Activities - Structure

Final Decision on FI proposal to shorten the CDV enquiry time

The SMB, noting the comments made by the three TCs concerned by the trial of the 3 months’ CDV voting period, decided that as from 2012-07-01 the voting period for all IEC CDVs shall be 3 months, with 5 months by exception at the discretion of the TC/SC concerned.


In order to allow for translations of CDVs by National Committees to permit public inquiry, the English version of the text of CDVs will be made available to National Committees for translation purposes for a period of 2 months prior to circulation of the CDV.
(SMB Decisions 144/22)

TCs with minimum activity – TC 16 Basic and safety principles for man-machine interface, marking and identification

Following SMB Decision 143/18, the SMB confirmed the disbanding of TC 16, and the transfer of ownership of TC 16 publications to TC 3. TC 16 is requested to finalize the transfer to TC 3 at its meeting to be held in Oslo, 2012-10.

(SMB Decision 144/19)

TC/SC meetings

The SMB received a report from ad hoc Group 37 on the review of the Guidance document for hosting TC/SC. The proposed draft will be reviewed by Central Office before publication. The SMB disbanded ahG 37, thanking the convenor, Lynne Gibbens, and the members.
(SMB Decision 144/8)


Coordination of Technologies/SMB Strategic Groups

Review of the SMB Strategic Groups/Advisory Committees

Following SMB Decision 143/15, the SMB reviewed the following Strategic Groups/Advisory Committees: SG 1, Energy Efficiency, ACEA, Advisory Committee on Environmental Aspects, DMT, Directives Maintenance Team.

SG 1: Energy Efficiency

The SMB decided to disband Strategic Group 1 Energy Efficiency by June 2013. The SMB accepted the recommendation to form an Advisory Committee on Energy Efficiency. An Administrative Circular will be prepared by the Central Office with a call for nominations for the leadership and membership of the Advisory Committee, once SG 1 has proposed terms of reference and scope of the new Advisory Committee.

SG 1 is requested to report back to SMB meeting 146, 2013-02 with proposals for Terms of Reference, Title, and Scope of the Advisory Committee and provide a report on the architecture model.

At SMB 145 the SMB will discuss methods on how best to address the needs of the Renewable Energy Technologies since they were removed from the field of work for SG 1.
(SMB Decision 144/3)

ACEA: Advisory Committee on Environmental Aspects

The SMB decided to create an SMB ahG 38 with ACEA Chairman and TC 111 Officers, to overview the relations between ACEA and the TCs and to report back to the SMB 145, Oslo, 2012-10-01, where a decision will be made on the disbanding or evolution of ACEA.

Convenor: DE
Membership: BR, FR, DE, JP, MX, US
(SMB Decision 144/5)

DMT: Directives Maintenance Team

The SMB reviewed the DMT concerning its mandate, current scope and domain of work, membership representation, accomplishments/achievements/deliverables, current activity, future activity, priorities, and expectations of interaction from SMB.

The SMB asked DMT to publish a project list using the Collaboration Tools Suite, with the goal of expediting its work, encouraging it to work by correspondence in regard to addressing SMB mandates and reporting back to SMB at each meeting.

The SMB makes no changes to the DMT structure and continues to support and thanks the DMT for its work.
(SMB Decision 144/6)

Reports from the SMB Strategic Groups/Advisory Committees

SG 1: Energy Efficiency

The SMB approved the SG 1 recommendation to remove renewable resources from its terms of reference, as technical, cross-technological and strategic aspects of renewable energies are already covered elsewhere in the IEC.

The SMB requested SG 1 to take into account the SMB comments given in document SMB/4806A/CC, on conclusions 1204/C1 and 1204/C3 in Part B of its report before implementing them.
(SMB Decision 144/4)

SG 3: Smart Grid

Concerning Recommendation 1 from SG 3, the SMB instructed the Convenor of SG 3 and Chairman of ACTAD to coordinate on the problem of overlapping of TC/SC coordination activities and to report back to SMB Meeting 145 in Oslo, 2012-10-01.

The SMB wishes to make clear that its expectation is that each body works at the same level within the organization, and it is a shared responsibility to create work plans that are collaborative and avoid duplication of work.
(SMB Decision 144/9)

SG 4:  LVDC Distribution Systems up to 1500V DC

The SMB approved recommendation 1204/1 – Importance of standards for a wide range ofproducts to be used with DC power, and requested SG 4 to take into account the DE and FR comments submitted in document SMB/4808A/CC.

The SMB requested SG 4 to place more emphasis on strategic aspects of LVDC and less on the day to day TC management issues.
(SMB Decision 144/10)

SG 5: Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) membership

The SMB approved the 2 recommendations submitted in its report, document SMB/4784/R concerning its scope and to allow the SG 5 Secretariat to contact ISO to obtain information on ISO activities concerning AAL.
(SMB Decision 144/11)

SG 6: Electrotechnology for Mobility

The SMB agreed to extend the MoU on collaboration on Electric Vehicles between ISO and IEC to cover 2 and 3 wheeled vehicles. ISO/TMB is invited to concur.

The SMB emphasized that coordination of IEC activities in the area of E-Mobility, with other groups, is the responsibility of SG 6.
(SMB Decision 144/12)

ACOS: Advisory Committee on Safety

The SMB appointed Philippe Juhel as ACOS Chairman for a first term of office of three years starting 2013-03-01 to 2016-02-29.  SMB noted that Mr Juhel was nominated by the FR NC and has the support of ACOS. 

The SMB thanked the outgoing Chairman Friedrich Harless, following two terms of office, for his efficient and dedicated commitment as ACOS Chairman.
(SMB Decision 144/13)


The SMB approved that ACOS hold the Workshop, on safety aspects in the area of e-mobility scheduled to take place in 2013-02 in Frankfurt, Germany.

The SMB emphasized that coordination with ISO/TCs in the area of e-mobility shall be the responsibility of SMB SG 6 Electrotechnology for Mobility, and requests ACOS to coordinate through the SMB SG 6 on its draft workshop programme.
(SMB Decision 144/14)


The SMB requested ACOS to investigate the subject of touch currents at higher frequencies, given in document SMB/4774/NCP, and in particular to consult with TC 64, and also to take into account the comments given in SMB/4774A/CC.
(SMB Decision 144/15)

ACTAD: Advisory Committee on Electricity Transmission and Distribution

The SMB approved:

  • Recommendation A.1 1204/1 to 1204/3 concerning membership and chairmanship.
  • Recommendation A.2 1204/4, concerning an increase of expert members from 4 to 5.
  • Recommendation A.3 1204/5, concerning the review and maintenance of IEC Guide 111 Ed. 2.0.

(SMB Decision 144/16)

ACTEL: Advisory Committee on Telecommunications

The SMB approved the membership of ACTEL as given in SMB/4804/R, with a correction concerning the TC 100 representative as indicated in document SMB/4804A/CC.
(SMB Decision 144/17)


Presentations given to SMB Meeting 144

TC 100: Audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment

The Chairman of TC 100, Mr David Felland, gave a presentation to the SMB on the
(SMB Decision 144/20)

ISO/IEC JTC 1: Information technology

Ms Karen Higginbottom, Chairman of JTC 1 gave an extensive and comprehensive presentation to SMB on the activities of JTC 1.
(SMB Decision 144/21)


Relations with ISO


There was no representation from ISO to the SMB meeting due to the TMB meeting taking place at the same time.


Next SMB Meetings

Dates for 2012

2012-10-01 – Monday, Oslo, Norway (General Meeting)

Dates for 2013

2013-02-13 – Tuesday, Geneva Switzerland

2013-06-11 – Tuesday, Geneva Switzerland

2013-10-21 – Monday, New Delhi, India (General Meeting)

Dates for 2014

2014-02-18 – Tuesday, Geneva Switzerland
2014-06-17 – Tuesday, Frankfurt, Germany
2014-11-10 – Monday, Tokyo, Japan (General Meeting)