TC News - June 2011


Decisions and actions resulting from the SMB meeting held in Stockholm, 2011-06-10



TC/SC Reports


The SMB approved 31 TC/SC reports, including SBPs by correspondence before the SMB meeting. Remarks made by SMB members to the TC reports are given in Annex A to the SMB Decision List SMB/4536/DL. TCs/SCs are reminded that their reports to SMB must be submitted within the 3 months following the TC/SC meetings. (SMB Decision 141/2)


Projects for which extensions of target dates had been reviewed


The SMB reviewed the status of target dates and project plans for 128 projects (this represents about 10% of current on-going IEC projects), these include projects with more than 4 months delay, CDVs that require longer than 24 months to be available and requests for extensions in the TC/SC reports. (SMB Decisions 141/3 and 141/4)


IEC Technical Activities - Structure


Further to discussions at the SMB meeting in Seattle and a presentation on the possible reorganization of IEC's technical activities the SMB is looking at a set of proposals developed by the SMB Chairman, and agreed upon at the last SMB meeting in February 2011. These proposals are being further refined for SMB consideration and for decision at its meeting in Melbourne. 

SMB Processes

SMB management responsibilities will be addressed by an SMB ahG consisting of several SMB members and the SMB chairman, to review the SMB roles and management responsibilities as given in the Statutes and Directives, and propose how the processes can be optimized.   SMB will discuss the recommendations of the ahG at its meeting in Melbourne. (SMB Decision 141/5)

TC/SC Vice-Chairmen

SMB agreed that in order to enhance the IEC Technical Committee structure NC Secretariats of TCs may nominate a Vice-Chairman where required.  An administrative circular will be issued explaining the procedures. (SMB Decision 141/6)

TC Activities Statistics

In response to a request from an SMB member, the Central Office has produced a spreadsheet providing statistics on the performance of TCs/SCs including the number of P-members, liaisons, experts, work items, publications and frequency of meetings. The SMB asked Central Office to review the data and, for those TCs/SCs with low activity, to provide deeper analysis regarding their viability on a case-by-case basis. The SMB will continue discussion on the viability of TCs engaged only in maintenance work or with inactive TCs, but having active SCs.  The SMB will also discuss better processes for formalizing work at the PWI stage (stage 0) to provide better visibility to potential experts.

P-member Participation

SMB ahG 27 had been set up to review criteria for participation of P-members in the technical work and submitted its report. SMB agreed that the status of a P-member that fails to appoint experts to the TC work and consistently fails to participate in the plenary meetings of TCs or SCs will, upon analysis by Central office, have its status changed from “P” to “O” membership. The rules already require “P” members to vote on NP, CDV or FDIS documents and participate in the technical work.  The SMB decided that the status change, in accordance with these criteria, would now be mandatory.  As a consequence of these changes this will reduce the number of P-members in some TCs/SCs.  An administrative circular will be issued explaining these changes. (SMB Decision 141/7)

Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)

SMB agreed to establish Strategic Group 5 to provide strategic guidance and roadmaps on specific areas of technical activity for AAL, for coordination for both new initiatives and on-going work in this area.  SMB expects to reaffirm its decision at its Melbourne meeting in October when it reviews the proposed scope, terms of reference, work plan and review date for the completion of the SG work.  IEC will coordinate with ISO in this area. (SMB Decision 141/9)

Printed Electronics

The SMB agreed that a proposal from the Korean NC for a new TC for “Printed Electronics” would be circulated to NCs for vote in accordance with the Directives. SMB noted that some work in the different areas of this technology is taking place in existing TCs, however, the whole process is not covered and a need for a new TC for standardization in this field is required.  Certain aspects of this work will require active liaison with other IEC TCs.  SMB/4497B/NCP is in the process of being submitted to NCs for vote by 2011-09-16. (SMB Decision 141/18)

Smart Grid user Interface     

Three proposals from the Chinese NC on Smart Grid user interface have been carefully considered by the SMB SG 3 Smart Grid.  SMB agreed to the suggestion from the CN NC, and supported by the SG 3 officers, that a Project Committee would undertake the work for each of Parts 1: Standard of exchange interface between demand-side smart equipment and the Grid and 3: Power Demand Response Standard.  Part 2: Domain Side Energy Source Interconnection with the Grid will be undertaken in IEC TC 8.  SMB/4541/NCP is in the process of being submitted for NC vote. (SMB Decision 141/14)


The SMB ahG 30 will submit a final report and recommendation, by end July 2011, on future work and any future activities in relation to IECs commitment to providing support to the areas of co-generation technology within its area of competence, particularly on aspects related to electrical power generation.  The SMB, instructs IEC TC 5, to be the primary point of contact, to follow this activity in coordination with TC 45 and TC 105.  SMB will inform ISO of the outcome of the IEC perspective on this subject.

IEC Automotive Electrotechnics

The SMB agreed that there is a need for an SMB activity to review the IEC needs in the domain of Automotive Electrotechnics. The majority of SMB members offered to participate in an ahG 31, under the convenership of France, to investigate and define the requirements for an SMB Strategic Group, propose a mandate, terms of reference and review dates for the completion of the SG work for SMB approval at its meeting in Melbourne.  The TCs concerned will be contacted in the near future. (SMB Decision 141/12)

The SMB noted the letter from the IEC General Secretary reporting on the high-level E8 group bringing together high-level representatives from the world’s leading utilities, electric equipment suppliers and automotive manufacturers.


The Advisory Committee on Electromagnetic Compatibility (ACEC) has been asked to closely monitor the development of EV related EMC requirements. (SMB Decision 141/13)           

ISO/TC 22 New Work (NWIP)

The SMB expressed concern that the ISO/TC 22 NWIP Electrically propelled road vehicles – connection to an external electric power supply – Safety requirements, which is within the IEC domain, will result in a conflicting standard with the IEC TC 69 project IEC 61851-21, providing requirements for EVs when connected to the charging system.


IEC TC 69 is instructed to proceed with its project ensuring full cooperation under mode 5 with ISO TC 22 in accordance with the MoU. (SMB Decision 141/12)


TC 23: Electrical Accessories – SBP


The SMB noted an update from the Secretary of TC 23 regarding its plans to address the SMB Decisions 138/5 and 140/6. Concerns from two SMB members were noted and it was suggested they be directed to TC 23. TC 23 will meet in September 2011 and a report containing a full response to the SMB decisions is expected for the SMB meeting in Melbourne


Transformation of SMB Sector Boards


Presentations from the chairmen of SB 1 and SB 4 were given to the SMB. The SMB has transformed SB 1 into an Advisory Committee on Electricity Transmission and Distribution (ACTAD) and SB 4 Advisory Committee on Telecommunication (ACTEL), approving the terms of reference for both ACs. The first meeting of ACTAD will take place in August in Central Office in Geneva.


Since SMB has disbanded SBs it also asked TC 100 AGS (that has a similar status to an SB) to report directly in future to TC 100. (SMB Decisions 141/19, 141/20, 141/21 and 141/22)


Coordination of Technologies/SMB Strategic Groups

SMB SG 1:  Energy Efficiency and Renewable Resources

SG 1 will report to SMB at its meeting in Melbourne on: SG 1 future activities; International standardization on Energy Management Systems; MSB Recommendation 17 on Architecture for system-oriented standards development and the MSB recommendation 7 defining the terminology and the strategy on Architectures for optimizing systems work for best performance in energy efficiency (SMB Decision 141/14)

SMB SG 3: Smart Grid,

SG 3 will host a 2nd TC/SC Officer’s workshop on Smart Grid on 28/29 June in Frankfurt, Germany. The Workshop will involve the Smart Grid TC’s and SC’s to build jointly an IEC integrated development plan for the mid-term and long-term evolution of the portfolio of standards, as well as driving the TCs to implement a consistent system approach for smart grid standards development. (SMB Decision 141/16)

SMB SG 4: LVDC Distribution Systems up to 1500V

SG 4 is planning an LDVC Workshop in Frankfurt, in September 2011, in order to identify the market drivers for the use of LVDC and the challenges and available technology.  SG 4 has also developed a first draft of a Roadmap and timeline. SMB agreed to ask TC 64 to take the lead on the issue of inrush currents in LVDC following a recommendation from SG 4 after it had identifying a gap in responsibilities for standardization work concerning inrush currents in LVDC systems.  (SMB Decision 141/17)


Conformity Assessment Board (CAB) cooperation

TC 114: Marine Energy

SMB approved a request from IEC TC 114 to consult with CAB in developing a conformity assessment activity on Marine renewable energy certification. It is noted that work has developed in the form of a CAB WG established with IEC TC 114 collaboration. The SMB requires a report from TC 114 on the progress of its work at its Melbourne meeting. (SMB Decision 141/24)

TC 88: Wind Turbine

The SMB noted that CAB has formed a conformity assessment WG on wind turbines in collaboration with TC 88. The SMB requires a report from TC 88 on the progress of its work at its Melbourne meeting. (SMB Decision 141/25)

SC 34A and IECEE

SMB asked the Netherlands SMB member, to consult with the parties concerned, SC 34A and IECEE, to clarify possible options in relation to the SMB Decision 137/19, regarding Conformity Assessment clause 7 and IEC 62035 Discharge lamps.


Presentations given to SMB Meeting 141

International Commission on Illumination (CIE)

Martina Paul CEO of CIE gave a presentation to SMB on “Advancing knowledge and providing standardization to make life brighter” through an international lighting network in coordination with ISO and IEC, bringing together all global stakeholder organizations of the lightning community.

MSB WG on system level conformity assessment

Sujeet Chand, MSB member, gave a presentation on a proposal, inviting action by the SMB, for the addition of a systems level standards activity. He called for the activity to be undertaken in cooperation with the CAB. SMB members suggested that the title should be improved by reflecting both standardization and conformity assessment. They expressed the need to have more time to digest the proposal and its terminology, since it had only recently been circulated. SMB will be asked to provide its comments and input by correspondence by the beginning of September 2011, and SMB will provide a response to MSB following its meeting in Melbourne.


Relations with ISO


SMB concurred with 2 ISO/TMB resolutions concerning 1) alignment of ISO and IEC practices with respect to the review on maintenance of standards, taking into account the ISO/IEC JTC 1 concept of stabilized standards, and 2) transformation of Project Committees into Technical Committees. The ISO/IEC JDMT has been asked to consider how these proposals should be addressed. (SMB Decision 141/23)


SMB is addressing several other subjects concerning ISO collaboration, including Co-generation; the ISO proposed TC on Energy Management System; ISO/IEC JPC 2 Energy efficiency and renewable energy sources - Common international terminology; ship to shore connection systems.

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