TC News - October 2010


Decisions and actions resulting from the SMB meeting held in Seattle, 2010-10-11



Thomas A Edison Award


Five of the 6 Laureates  Al Brazauski TC 108 Secretary, Nic Maennling TC 89 Secretary, Ron Petersen TC 106 Chairman, Umberto Rossi TC 86 Chairman and Hiroshi Sasaki, SC 61B Chairman  were presented with the Awards during the SMB meeting 139.  The 6th Laureate  Reinhard Pelta TC 64 Secretary will be invited to a future meeting to receive his award.


TC Presentations to SMB

TC 45 Nuclear Instrumentation

The Chairman of TC 45 made a presentation to the SMB on the work of TC 45.

TC 72 Automatic controls for household use

The Chairman of TC 72 made a presentation to the SMB on the work of TC 72. He reported that TC 72 standards can play an important role in connecting the customer applications in Smart Grid, especially regarding EMC-immunity and risks caused by cyber attacks or by software errors in the communication link.


TC reports to SMB


The SMB congratulated TCs/SCs on the quality of the reports and improved Strategic Business Plans (SBPs) submitted. SMB approved 14 TC/SC reports, including SBPs by correspondence before the SMB meeting.  SMB comments on the reports are provided in Annex A of document SMB/4343/DL and TC/SC officers have been individually informed of these comments.
(SMB Decision 139/2)


Projects for which extensions of target dates have been reviewed


The SMB approved extensions of target dates and project plans for 75 projects, with 7 projects being put back to the preliminary stage and 1 project cancelled.
(SMB Decisions 139/3 and 139/4)


Harmonization of IEC Terminology


The SMB endorsed the IEC Central Office’s proposal to undertake, in conjunction with IEC TC 1, the management  and responsibility to harmonize electrotechnical terminology providing a one-stop shop for end-users.  The SMB asked that a Roadmap on the transition and implementation dates be provided at its next meeting.
(SMB Decision 139/9)


New Industry Consortium on LED


Concern was raised that  standards in the domain of LED lighting are being developed in the Zhaga Consortium.  SMB supports a formal liaison between TC 34 and Zhaga to ensure that standards in this area are expediently developed in IEC TC 34.  SMB will follow the progress of the  IEC TC 34 work.


TC 93 Design Automation Reference documents SMB/4323/R SMB/4323A/CC


The SMB noting a communication from TC 93 that it is in the process of recruiting a 5th P-member, decided to invite the Chairman of IEC TC 93 to report on the status of its membership at the SMB meeting in 12 months, at which time the SMB will decide on the future status of TC 93.  SMB approved 2 IEEE products submitted under the IEC-IEEE Agreement for publication as double logo IEC/IEEE standards under the work programme of IEC TC 93, IEEE 1076-2008 (VHDL) Language Reference Manual (to be numbered IEC 61691-1-2) and IEEE1800-2009 (System Verilog) Unified Hardware design, Specification, and Verification Language (to be numbered IEC 62530-1).  Reference document SMB/4284/QP.
(SMB Decision 139/5)


SB 1, Electricity transmission and distribution


The SMB approved the SB 1 recommendation on a proposal from TC 3 to apply their future standard on product properties requesting all TCs in SB 1’s domain to consider the application of IEC/PAS 62569-1 Ed. 1.0 Generic specification of information on products - Part 1: Principles and methods.

Regarding recommendation A3 on Guidelines on dispersed generation Impact of renewable energy sources on grid planning and operation” SMB considers that the approved TC 8  project  (8/1275/NP) covers this recommendation.
(SMB Decision 139/15)


Power Quality and EMC


ACEC has been asked to consider a proposal from the Swedish NC for a strategy for the coordination of standardization in the technical area of Power Quality and EMC, and report back to SMB with its conclusions. Reference documents SMB/4324/DP and SMB/4324A/CC.
(SMB Decision 139/8)


Universal Cell Phone and Other Chargers


TC 100's project IEC 62684 Ed. 1.0 Interoperability specifications of common external power supply (EPS) for use with data-enabled mobile telephones based on the CENELEC project EN 50558 Ed 1.0 was circulated in the IEC at the enquiry stage with a closing date for vote of 2010-10-29.  ITU-T has informed European Commission and the IEC that the CENELEC project does not cover no load power consumption and detachable cables cited in the ITU-T recommendation L. 1000 - Universal power adapter/charging solution for mobile terminals and other ICT devices. The initial comments were that no load power consumption is covered in other documents and that detachable cables are not an economical solution.

The other TC 100 project IEC 62680 Ed. 1.0 Micro USB battery charging interface for small hand-held multimedia devices is waiting the conclusion of a MoU with USB IF with the objective of bringing into the IEC  their new specifications.


SMB Strategy 2008-2011


The British, Chinese and Swedish SMB members reported on how experts are recruited in their countries and how they identify new areas where full consensus standards are needed soliciting input from academia and research institutes. Denmark and Japan may give presentations at the next meeting in Geneva 2011-02. Reference documents SMB/4340/INF, SMB/4344/INF and SMB/4345/INF.


Energy Efficiency


IEA (International Energy Agency)


The Head of the Energy Efficiency and Environment Division at the International Energy Agency in Paris, Richard Bradley, made a presentation focussing on the prospect of a set of mutual undertakings between the IEC and IEA to assist both agencies delivering on  challenging future work programmes. There is a series of 25 IEA recommendations on energy efficiency which SG 1 should correlate against what the IEC is doing.


SMB TF responds to section 8 of the MSB EEE recommendations from the White Paper  - Coping with the energy challenge


The SMB TF that was set up to give input on the implementation of the MSB EEE recommendations developed 17 recommendations.  The SMB noted and approved  9 of the recommendations dealing with relatively straightforward actions.  In view of the late distribution of the document, the remaining 8 recommendations have been deferred to the next SMB meeting (February 2011) for discussion.  SMB discussed the possibility to have one or two SMB representatives participate in the MSB Technology Watch Task Force, and requested this to be communicated to MSB. 

(SMB Decision 139/11)


Joint ISO/IEC Body “Energy Management Systems


SMB noted that work in the area of Energy Management Systems has progressed in ISO with the imminent publication of an ISO 50001 publication and possible transformation of the ISO Project Committee 242 (Energy Management Systems) into a full TC. SMB considered a proposal from the Italian NC for IEC to become involved in a Joint group.  SMB members expressed some interest, however considering that the project needed further clarification, requested SG 1 to address the proposal and review all relevant standards by the existing IEC strategic groups to identify any gaps before deciding on a joint group.
(SMB Decision 139/12)


ISO TC on General technical rules for determination of energy savings in renovation projects, industrial enterprises and region


Noting that ISO had set up a new TC on this subject, SMB requested that liaison between several IEC related TCs/SCs and  the new ISO TC be established and agreed to review the scope and programme of work of the ISO TC to determine what further participation would be necessary.
(SMB Decision 139/24)


SMB SG 1: Energy Efficiency and renewable resources


SG 1 has been mandated to consider a proposal from the Italian NC for IEC to participate in the ISO Energy Management Systems project that is active and advanced.  SMB is also looking into whether IEC should participate in a joint effort.
At present the Strategic Group 1 on Energy is mandated to consider the proposal  and review all relevant IEC standards that are being looked at in the other SGs.


SMB SG 2: Standardization of Ultra High Voltage Technologies (UHV)


The convener of SG 2 Sheng Boaling, gave a presentation to SMB on the work of SG 2.  The presentation will be circulated as a document for information.
SMB agreed to SG 2’s recommendations regarding:

  • a possible new item in UHVAC power line standardization to study the Corona losses which increase during rain, the SMB is requested to invite the CIGRE TC to establish a WG.

  • The necessity of harmonization of atmospheric and altitude correction in IEC. The SMB noted that IEC TC 28 has a work item based on this subject, which is the revision of a horizontal standard.  SMB requests clarification on the ongoing work in IEC TC 28 prior to taking a decision.

  • For further cooperation between SC 22F and TC 115, SMB noted the requested action being undertaken.

  • SMB noted that SG 2 encourages the nomination of experts from Canada, India and Italy to the Group.

(SMB Decision 139/13) Reference document SMB/4328/R


SG 3 Smart Grid


A status report from the convener of SG 3 mentioned the successful TC/SC Officers Workshop held in July in Paris.  SG 3 has three task teams: Roadmap, Use cases, Architecture.  Beyond the roadmap SG 3 is working on an IEC Mapping Chart which will provide IEC TC/SCs practical information to increase current usability of standards, fast-track new standards to close the gaps and set up a Feedback process for continuous improvement. IEC Smart Grid management and roadmap, indicates 24 Technical Committees and 100 standards. Working liaisons are with NIST, ISO, ITU, CEN-CENELEC.

A Smart Grid certification process to the IEC System family is envisaged upon instructions from CAB. Standards usefulness is only valid if compliance can be assessed.

Subjects of common interest to IEC and ISO.

Scope of ISO/TC 117 – Fans

The attention of ISO has been brought to the concerns of IEC TC 61 on the proposed modified scope of ISO TC 117, and that there appears to be no established liaison between the IEC TC.  ISO/TMB has asked ISO TC 117 to continue discussions with IEC/TC 59 and 61 and present to the TMB a proposal once agreement has been reached.

Small craft  - Electrical installations of ships and of mobile and fixed offshore units  IEC TC 18 – MOU with ISO/TC 188 Small Craft

After difficulties in communications between the committees concerned, they are now exchanging views. The SMB will be kept informed of the progress of these discussions.


Market Relevance   


SMB concurred with the ISO/TMB resolution to approve the final recommendations of the Market Relevance Task Force following a revision of the recommendations submitted to SMB in June.  The joint ISO/IEC JDMT will consider the comments submitted by the SMB and take the necessary actions for implementation.
(SMB Decision 139/24)


ISO/IEC Automotive MoU


After several rounds of negotiations with ISO/TMB, SMB has agreed to the revised MoU between ISO/TC 22 and IEC TCs. It is believed that the MoU as revised will satisfy ISO/TC 22 and ISO/TMB has been invited to concur with the SMB decision.  The TMB decision is expected to be taken by correspondence.
(SMB Decision 139/21)


ISO/IEC Guides

ISO/IEC Guide 63 Guide development and inclusion of safety aspects in International Standards for medical devices

The revised ISO/IEC Guide 63 has been developed by a JWG with IEC TC 62 and will be circulated to IEC NCs for vote in parallel with ISO.
(SMB Decision 139/19)


ISO/IEC Guide 71 Guidelines for standards developers to address the needs of older persons and persons with disabilities

SMB concurred with the ISO resolution for the revision of ISO/IEC Guide 71 in a ISO/IEC JWG.  Australia and Denmark will represent  IEC in this work.
(SMB Decision 139/20)




SMB agreed to participate with ISO in a joint call for experts to determine any interest for a new field of activity on Co-generation. By definition co-generation is the electric and thermal energy produced simultaneously from a common fuel source. Co-generation has impact on other individual technologies such as smart metering, real time communication, energy conservation, best building practices, etc.
(SMB Decision 139/25)


Next SMB Meetings

Dates for 2011

2011-02-16 - Wednesday, Geneva 
2011-06-10 - Friday, Stockholm
2011-10-24 - Monday, Melbourne (General Meeting)

Dates for 2012

2012-02-15 – Wednesday
2012-06-12 – Tuesday, Boston USA
2012-10-01 – Oslo, Norway (General Meeting)