TC News - March 2009


Decisions and actions resulting from the SMB meeting held in Seoul, 2009-02-18



TC reports to SMB


The SMB approved 15 TC/SC reports and SBPs, by correspondence before the SMB meeting in line with the SMB Decision 131/2.  Following the successful trial period the SMB confirmed its intention to continue with this procedure, SMB Decision 134/3.  The SMB thanks TCs/SCs for their complete and comprehensive reports, particular comments to TCs/SCs are given in annex to SMB/3940/DL.
(SMB Decision 134/2)


It was also decided that in future the TC reports to SMB would have links to the IEC website for the TC/SC work programmes and maintenance cycles replacing the current hard copies given in the RSMB annexes.  TC/SCs secretaries are requested to ensure that the maintenance cycles are up to date prior to submitting their reports.


Exposure limits in EMF measurement standards


Noting the concerns of the Canadian NC on the development of exposure limits in EMF measurement standards by several TCs (9, 17C, 29, 34), the SMB agreed that the Canadian NC should draft a paper for consideration at the next SMB meeting in Geneva in June. The DE, DK, ES, JP, SE and US NCs have agreed to participate in drafting this paper with the Canadian NC. (SMB Decision 134/6)


Low Voltage Direct Current (LVDC) Distribution Systems


The Swedish NC briefly introduced a proposal to set up an SMB Strategic Group on LVDC distribution systems up to 1500 V DC in relation to energy efficiency. The proposal was supported by some members. It was agreed that it be submitted to NCs for input directly to the Swedish NC, which will then submit a final proposal for SMB consideration at its next meeting in June 2009. IEC TCs/SCs concerned with this proposal will be consulted.


(Concerned IEC TCs/SCs on the TC 23 project Electrical accessories for electrical installation for d.c.: TC 23, SC 23A, SC 23B, SC 23C, SC 23E, SC 23F, SC 23G, SC 23H and SC 23J, TC 64, TC77, TC89, TC109, TC112. For information which can have consequences on their work and products: TC13, TC17, SC17B, SC17D, TC21, TC22, SC 22E, SC32B, SC32C, TC34, TC35, SC48B, TC61, TC62, TC69, TC72, TC79, TC82, TC96, TC105, TC108, TC110. For general information on the proposed new project TC8, TC16, TC20, TC65, TC101, TC106.)


(Reference document SMB/3946/DC – NCs are requested to provide input by 2009-04-30).


Market Relevance and New Work Proposals


Having considered a second round of proposed recommendations from the joint ISO/IEC DMT Task Force (TF) and the comments received on them, the SMB asked the TF to undertake a further review taking into account the comments received and to submit a revised draft that distinguished any revised or added new text from the existing text of the Directives, for SMB and TMB approval in June 2009.
(SMB Decision 134/15)


Danish NC proposal on CD and DC documents


The SMB considered a proposal from the Danish NC concerning the “no comments” box for CD and DC documents and agreed that this be changed to "no comments at this stage".


It should be noted that National Committees are not invited to approve or disapprove CDs, only to comment on them. Approval (or disapproval) occurs at subsequent stages (CDV/FDIS) of the process. The commenting form on the IEC website only reflects the ISO/IEC Directives in this respect. The "no comments" box means only that the NC concerned has "no comments" (for whatever reason), not that it approves or disapproves the draft. NCs are requested to follow the procedures given in AC/15/2007. (SMB Decision 134/17)


Proposal to revise procedure for the preparation of French versions of documents


Due to the modification of some French regulations, French NC informed the SMB that it must request a slight change in the procedures for French versions of documents. The French NC will submit a detailed proposal for SMB consideration at its June meeting in Geneva. This modification would require a small modification to annex L of the Directives. In particular, all CDVs and FDISs would need to be submitted to the French NC for the latter to determine whether a French version is needed.


Status of IEC Guides - Normative and informative aspects of IEC Guides


Future Revision of Guides - Several guides, including joint ISO/IEC guides, provide information to the community, however there are different interpretations on how to use guides because of the language used, e.g. use of the words “shall” and “should”. The SMB is responsible in informing TCs which parts of Guides are to be followed as a requirement or as guidance. This will be discussed at the next SMB meeting.


Revision of ISO/IEC Guide 51, Safety Aspects


The SMB concurred with ISO/TMB to approve in principle the proposal from COPOLCO to revise ISO/IEC Guide 51: 1999 Safety aspects – Guidelines for their inclusion in standards and requests ACOS to participate with COPOLCO in the revision.
(SMB Decision 134/13)


Terms of reference of the Advisory Committees


The SMB agreed to review the terms of reference of its advisory committees and approved generic text. The final version of the terms of reference of the advisory committees, taking into account comments from members and the ACs, will be submitted to SMB 135 meeting, in June 2009, for final approval.
(SMB Decision 134/10)


Automotive Electrotechnics


Considering the importance of the rapid development of electrotechnics in the automotive industry, ISO/TMB and IEC SMB have agreed that the Memorandum of Understanding dated 1990 requires updating to taking into account IEC expertise in this area and changes in vehicle technology.


SMB Strategic Group 2:  Ultra-high Voltage (UHV)


The membership of SG 2, under the convenership of Dr. Baoliang Sheng who was nominated by Sweden, was confirmed by the SMB. It is expected that the group will start work in the near future and provide a status report to the next SMB meeting in June 2009 in Geneva.


SMB Strategic Group 3: Smart Grid


The membership of SG 3, under the convenership of Mr. Richard Schomberg, nominated by the US NC was confirmed by the SMB.  A brief presentation provided by the convener was given to the SMB (reference document SMB/3950/INF).  It is expected that the group will meet during the month of March 2009.


Presentations to SMB 134


Mr Shigeo Mikoshiba (JP), chairman of TC 110, Flat panel display devices, had been invited to make a presentation to the SMB meeting 134 on the activities of TC 110, including emerging technology trends, environmental considerations and liaison activities with other organizations. (Reference document SMB/3932/INF)


Dr. Jeongjoon Lee from Korea gave a presentation on Industrial Ethernet: RAPIEnet.  (Reference document SMB/3938/INF)