Document preparation



Training via web conference

Through the application GoToMeeting, we can provide web-based training sessions on document preparation. This is mainly an option for workgroups with no plans to meet in the Geneva offices in the near future. The GoToMeeting conference will be set up by the Central Office trainers. Participants can either connect from various remote locations, or you can connect from a central PC during a workgroup meeting.


If you have never used GoToMeeting, please read AC/18/2010 for more information.


To ensure your connection is working and to familiarize yourself with the GoToMeeting user interface, the Technical Officer in charge of your workgroup can help you set up a test meeting a few days before your first web conference.

Technical requirements

All connecting PCs need broadband internet access and must have the GoToMeeting software installed before you can join the online meeting.


High-quality audio transmission is an essential factor for efficient communication between all participants.

  • If you wish to have a web training during a workgroup meeting and use just one central computer, please make sure it is connected to loudspeakers and a microphone of sufficient quality.
  • If participants join in from several remote locations, ideally everyone should be equipped with a headset (headphones and microphone) to reduce ambient noise and ensure optimum sound transmission.