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Drafting IEC publications



Files for maintenance / updating

For maintenance work on a publication, it is essential for the TC to start their work on the basis of the publication files of the previous edition, not on intermediate versions in their possession. For this purpose, the IEC provides IEC publications in an editable file format (Microsoft Word).


In addition to the publication itself, the IEC can also provide the source files of the figures contained in the publication, on condition that the original files are available in our database.

To obtain Word documents or editable image files, the TC/SC secretary has to address a request to the relevant IEC Technical Officer.

These files may only be used for the purpose for which they have been requested. Any other use is forbidden, unless specifically authorized in writing by the IEC Central Office.

The files are provided in the format in which they are available at the Central Office, without conversion or other processing.


Some old publications may not be available in a Word file format. In such cases, your Technical Officer will be able to help you work out the best solution.