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Drafting IEC publications



Lifecycle of an IEC publication

WD and CD documents (Preparatory and Committee stage)

The development of a new publication has two possible starting points: either an existing publication is updated (maintenance), or a new one is created from scratch. Both scenarios are described in our page on the WD/CD documents.


CDV documents (Enquiry stage)

When a document reaches CDV stage, the IEC Editing and Document preparation team starts working on it. For details on the interaction between the IEC and the TC at this stage, see our information on CDV documents.


FDIS documents (Approval stage)

When the IEC receives a draft FDIS, it goes through an IEC entry control to ensure it meets our requirements, before being formatted and edited. For more details, see our information on FDIS documents.


Maintenance / updating a publication

For maintenance work on a publication, it is essential for the TC to start their work on the basis of the publication files of the previous edition, not on intermediate versions in their possession.


The TC can obtain the revisable files (Word version and, if available, editable images) through their IEC Technical Officer - see Requesting files for the maintenance of an IEC publication.


National adoptions

For national adoptions of a publication, National Committees can download an editable copy from the IEC Revisable files database.