Types of publications


Standards development

Publicly Available Specifications (PAS)


International Standard (IS)

A Publicly Available Specification is a publication responding to an urgent market need, representing either:

  • a consensus in an organization (e.g. manufacturers or commercial associations, industrial consortia, user group and professional and scientific societies) external to the IEC or
  • a consensus of experts within a working group.

A Publicly Available Specification does not conflict with an International Standard however competing Publicly Available Specifications on the same subject are permitted.


The objective of a Publicly Available Specification is to speed up standardization in areas of rapidly evolving technology.


A simple majority of the Participating Members of a Technical Committee or Subcommittee approve the document. An IEC-PAS responds to an urgent market need for such a normative document and is designed to bring the work of industry consortia into the realm of the IEC.


PAS may either be the result of deliberations in a working group or project team, when it is felt that an intermediate publication released widely might be useful, or it may also be a dual-logo publication, developed by an external organization in A- or D-liaison with the committee concerned. In the case of the former, the committee may decide to designate the PAS as a Pre-standard.