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It is essential that all of the interested parties in the value chain are represented and active in the development of International Standards to ensure that the final deliverables correspond to market needs and fulfil user expectations.


Participation is principally channelled through the National Committees who nominate experts to work at the working group/ maintenance and project team level in the elaboration of documents which are then circulated in the technical committee for comments and vote by the National Committees. National Committee delegations representative of all the stakeholders in that country submit comments and votes and represent the National Committee’s consolidated position at the technical and subcommittee level.


Stakeholders grouped in international or broadly based regional organizations along with manufacturers associations, industrial consortia and fora can participate via the various liaison possibilities offered by the IEC.



Typical stakeholders

The typical stakeholders active in the development of International Standards are:


  • Industry covering utilities, manufacturers, installers, suppliers etc. either at the company level or via trade associations, consortia and fora etc.
  • Consumers normally organized at the national, regional or international level;
  • Academia – universities and research institutes;
  • Test laboratories
  • Governments and regulators