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The SMB Newsletter is intended to be complementary to the TC News, and address more of the "why" related to the standardization work. It will explore in more detail your experience and best practices, broader implications of new policies, and provide a more in-depth understanding of the reasons behind them.


Please contact Joyce Bleeker for feedback on what you would like to see addressed in this newsletter and how we can make its content more valuable to you.

SMB Newsletter - May 2019


  • ACEE, Advisory Committee on Energy Efficiency
  • Are you preparing for a circular economy?
  • People behind numbers – Introducing the IEC Central Office Sales Department
  • Highlights of the 2019 ISO/IEC Directives
  • Systems Committee Smart Energy to support TCs driving their evolution for the benefit of the industry
  • ETSI renews cooperation with IEC
  • 22nd Global Standards Collaboration meeting
  • A farewell to IEC


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SMB Newsletter - September 2018


  • Masterplan Implementation Plan
  • The IEC Collaboration Platform (CP)
  • SyC AAL, Systems Committee Active Assisted Living
  • ACSEC, Advisory Committee on information security and data privacy
  • Enhancing collaboration between the IEC and consortia
  • Kaizen: Better standards through user feedback
  • The IEC Affiliate adoptions process
  • The IEC YP Programme involvement in SMB


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SMB Newsletter - December 2017


  • ACEC opens its doors to help TC/SCs with EMC activity
  • Uberto Vercellotti – 2017 Edison Awardee
  • New Systems Committee on Smart Manufacturing
  • IEC Systems Work
  • IEC Ambassadors
  • IEC Regional Offices Activities
  • Organizational Changes in the Technical Department
  • Introducing Stephen Dutnall and Miroslav Siket
  • The IEC Academy


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SMB Newsletter - May 2017


  • The Mexican NC and SMB Meetings in Mexico
  • The IEC and the Internet of Things
  • SEG 8 – Communication Technologies and Architectures of Electrotechnical Systems
  • SEG 9 – Smart Homes/Office Building Systems
  • LVDC Conference on Sustainable Electricity Access
  • The IEEE Standards Development Process
  • New IEC TC Projects Dashboard
  • Gennaro Ruggiero – New Systems Technical Officer


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SMB Newsletter - December 2016


  • From Dresden to Frankfurt, a journey
  • CIE – International Commission on Illumination
  • World Smart City Forum
  • My Way…at the IEC
  • Breaking the silos – an interactive session at the Reinvention Lab
  • Pierre Sebellin, new Technical Department Manager
  • New team for the IEC DMT/JDMT
  • Letter from the new SMB Chair, Ralph Sporer


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SMB Newsletter - June 2016


  • Revision of ISO/IEC Directives, Part 2
  • Next generation perspectives
  • CIGRE and IEC cooperation
  • How the IEC takes care of the environment
  • ACOS and unsafe use of USB power supplies
  • IEC future collaborative standards development
  • IEC public commenting
  • IEC/ISO workshop on project management


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SMB Newsletter - February 2016


  • Introducing the Systems Resource Group (SRG)
  • ACTAD, advising on Transmission & Distribution
  • Giving standards writers improved tools
  • Use of CD
  • Changes in voting periods
  • TC 1 & the International Electrotechnical Vocabulary
  • IEC appeal
  • The performance approach


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SMB Newsletter - October 2015


  • Editorial
  • Wearable Smart Devices
  • Gilles Thonet
  • ACOS
  • Active Assisted Living
  • LVDC
  • CERN visit


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