Smart grid

Smart Grid

Optimal electricity delivery

Smart Grid

Electric energy is the ultimate just-in-time product. It needs to be used the moment it is generated and must be supplied continuously. Today's Grids are deeply rooted in technology that was modern more than 100 years ago, long before the first micro chip. Most Smart Grid Project managers are now charged with updating those legacy systems. And the big question is how.


You will find here:

  • Smart Grid Standards Map
    "The right standard, right away"
    Smart Grid
    Standards Map
  • World Smart Grid Forum results and recommendations
  • Roadmap with recommendations for immediate actions
  • Insights for Smart Grid project managers and for equipment and system manufacturers ¬†
  • IEC Standards an overview of all IEC International Standards for the Smart Grid¬†
  • Background information on Smart Grids and why they are needed
  • Challenges: awareness, regulations, technical, interoperability
  • Development: who guides the strategy of IEC Smart Grid work, which Technical Committees are involved