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The Smart Energy

Smart Electrification

The IEC Market Strategy Board, which comprises high-level executives from industry, has recently prepared two documents on Smart Electrification. They map out global energy needs and potential solutions over the next 30 years and the IEC's role in meeting the challenges. The documents are available for download in 10 languages.


IEC Papers on Smart Energy

  • Summary and RecommendationsThe shorter document highlights the strategic importance of electricity and how this clean, efficient form of energy will satisfy growing worldwide demand.
  • White PaperThe 75-page, complete version provides a comprehensive insight into how existing and future electrotechnologies could meet global energy needs in the next 30 years. It emphasizes that a systems approach to standardization will be critical in meeting these needs.

The demand for energy is growing fast, and for electricity even faster. Current energy production methods are unsustainable for both resource and environmental reasons.


The IEC believes that smart electrification will be one of the most significant factors in addressing the energy challenge. This is because electricity is the most sensible way to consume power. It is easily controlled and weightless, easier to transport and distribute, essentially non-polluting at the point of use and can be produced cleaner at the point of generation.


The role of standards, and therefore of the IEC, is as a technical facilitator enabling the global roll-out of technology based initiatives. The IEC has the global scope, technical competency, and the ability to involve all relevant stakeholders. It proposes to take a coordinating role for the preparation of system architectures in all areas where a common lead will increase the energy efficiency of electrical and electronic systems and products, their safety and environmental soundness.