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IEC White Paper: Coping with the Energy Challenge

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White Paper

Coping with the Energy Challenge


With this White Paper, the IEC is laying the foundation for the electrical energy efficiency discussion.


The IEC MSB (Market Strategy Board) analyzed the wide array of energy efficiency opportunities and technologies that are available. Based on this the IEC developed a model projecting what it believes is likely to happen in the next 20 years. This White Paper is a summary of those reflections and constitutes a roadmap and recommendations that will allow the IEC to develop the many standards that are needed to enable highest short- and long-term energy efficiency outcomes, today and tomorrow.


In Section 1, the problem of energy demand, the energy challenge and the additional climate challenge are stated with a short summary of salient action points.


Section 2 summarizes available levers and their potential to reduce CO2 emissions and increase energy efficiency.


In Section 3 a definition for energy efficiency is provided, with a review of technology innovations that already today have the potential to significantly increase energy efficiency in power generation. This section also outlines the use of electricity and potential efficiency improvements in buildings and homes, industry and transportation.


Section 4 addresses the potential to reduce CO2 emissions in power generation as well as carbon capture and storage.


Section 5 provides a sensitivity analysis regarding the overall impact of different energy scenarios and their ability to reduce long-term carbon emission levels.


Section 6 demonstrates what needs to change in the energy chain to achieve the CO2 emission levels that can help humanity to mitigate climate change.


Section 7 offers a summary of critical success factors for implementing energy solutions.


In Section 8 the IEC MSB presents key recommendations for the IEC.


The MSB Special Working Group on Electrical Energy Efficiency, under the leadership of Claude Breining of Schneider Electric, prepared and published this White Paper. It that was accepted by IEC Council at the end of 2009 and officially launched at the World Energy Congress in Montreal in September 2010.