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IEC Regulator Forum on
Renewable energy

Busan, South Korea, 23 & 24 October 2018


The aim of the IEC Regulator Forum is to bring together regulators, industry and standards developers to discuss how IEC can help regulators address the challenges and opportunities they face in the area of renewable energy.


With the ever increasing speed of evolution in technology, changes to business models and policies related to energy do not necessarily correspond to developments in technology. Furthermore, as technologies and services become intertwined and integrated as systems within systems, the need for coordination among the various players is enhanced. This creates particular challenges for regulatory authorities, especially when changes to regulatory objectives are being considered.


Greater international coordination between regulatory authorities and technology developers would provide the opportunity for sharing knowledge, best practice and experience, to the benefit of national activities and cross-border collaboration. As an example, digital transformation provides opportunities and challenges that vary across industries. In the electrical energy industry, dialogue between people active in both the IT and electricity worlds is needed to ensure the ongoing reliability and integrity of the entire system. The addition of large scale renewable energy and decentralized energy generation into the energy mix is taking place at an unpredictably rapid pace, adding further complication. Together these factors result in new trends and regulatory challenges which vary across countries but can include a combination of the following:

  • Addressing control-flow problems by determining which parties should be responsible for controlling the generation and demand flows
  • Strengthening interconnections both nationally and cross-border
  • Asset investment and management
  • Reducing the potential for cyber-attacks
  • Developing a new architecture for the electrical sector to take into account the impact of new technologies and of data.


Standards can provide important support to regulators and can help incentivize the renewable energy market by, for example, establishing uniform technical requirements for renewables across all utilities, which supports the integration of renewable energy into the energy mix.


As a result of the dynamics of markets and evolution of technologies, a multi-layer platform is needed to ensure dialogue takes place across the various regulatory authorities, technology players and standards developers to achieve sustainable infrastructures that promote growth while managing cost and durability.


The first IEC forum for regulators will aim to have a high level discussion to ascertain the ways by which standards and conformity assessment can be used as tools to support policy actions and regulatory objectives for countries around the world, in the area of renewable energy. During the forum participants will be encouraged to share best practices and will have the possibility to discuss strategies to:

  • Incentivize renewable energy markets
  • Promote innovation
  • Ensure consumer protection
  • Operate interconnecting systems efficiently and effectively
  • Achieve resilient energy infrastructures that address cybersecurity
  • Develop a quality infrastructure for renewables
  • Address energy access through renewables.


In addition, at the forum participants will meet their local IEC contact, through whom they can build awareness about evolutions in IEC work on a more permanent basis or become directly involved in IEC work at the national, regional and international level. Finally, additional optional events will be available on the day following the workshop so participants can learn more about a specific aspect of IEC renewable energy work (e.g. Smart energy, Wind energy, Low-Voltage direct current, Marine energy, etc.). Participants may also take the opportunity to observe a technical meeting to discover the way IEC operates first-hand.


The forum is expected to gather participants from relevant regulatory authorities and public policy entities from the 170+ member and affiliate countries. In addition, industry representatives and other renewable energy stakeholders will be invited via the National Committees, as well as international organizations and regional authorities.


The forum will be held in conjunction with the IEC General Meeting, the annual event for the IEC community that brings together more than 1 000 key players from all over the world to discuss advances in electrical, electronic and IT technology, creating exceptional opportunities for information exchange and networking.

IEC Regulator Forum -
Report and recommendations


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Who should attend?

#IECRF18 is for regulators, government representatives, strategists, senior managers, technology experts and senior engineers.


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IEC 82nd General Meeting

South Korea, 22-26 October 2018