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Renewable Energies

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Renewable Energies

The world production of electricity is growing at twice the pace of energy demand as a whole, according to the International Energy Agency. Wind and solar PV look set to become the cheapest sources of electricity.


Large scale use of renewable energy, or RE, is important for the future for several reasons: to eliminate dependence on fossil fuels, to combat global warming, and to raise the living standard of people in developing countries. Much of RE is an emerging field of research, technology and manufacturing and a new industry is growing up.


Standardization helps these technologies to become marketable by providing a foundation for certification systems, promoting international trade of uniform high-quality products and supporting transfer of expertise from traditional energy systems. The very nature of the renewable energy technologies means that standardization requires a dedicated effort to keep pace with developments in the various fields.


It is against this backdrop that the IEC is working to set the International Standards that can serve the planet in this market sector. Our mission is to provide technical performance and safety standards in the field of renewable energies as well as certification schemes when needed, thereby providing an essential tool for establishing a quality level to protect customers everywhere.


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