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Who participates in IEC work?

BIG and small

Literally thousands of companies, from small SME’s to huge Multinationals participate in IEC standardization work. They all have in common that they want to sell their products beyond their home market, faster and at lesser cost. They all understand that IEC International Standards give them a strategic advantage, opening up markets that they would not be able to reach with products built to national standards alone.


Effective participation in the international standards arena has become a prerequisite for competitiveness in the global market place.

Who participates – how can you participate?

Contact your IEC NC (National Committee) to find out which of your competitors already sit at the table where the global rules of trade are written. Then join them quickly.

Why companies participate

The reasons for participation are manifold:

  • The desire to establish a level playing field for all
  • Help set standards that other competitors have to equal
  • Facilitate trade and new market development
  • Know about and influence product requirements
  • Improve productivity and save money
  • Get to know what other companies are doing in the field
  • Benefit from the technical and professional interaction with others


You find many more reasons in the “What’s in it for you” section and statements from companies.

The world’s leading experts

Close to 20 000 experts from companies, industry, academia and governments participate in 174 TCs and SCs in more than 1000 working groups in the IEC.


They are sent by their organizations to discuss and agree on the rules that are needed to design, produce, operate, install, test, maintain and overhaul millions of devices and systems.


These experts offer their time, knowledge, commitment and enthusiasm to ensure the safety, efficiency, performance and reliability of products, systems and equipment that use or produce electricity or contain electronics. Many of these experts enjoy a world-wide reputation in their field.