What do you want to know?
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Depending on your background your interests will vary widely. We have tried to structure this part of the IEC website to allow you to quickly find the information that is of key importance to you.

Companies and experts

You find here all the reasons why you and your company should participate in international standardization work, testimonials of companies who already do, an overview of IEC work and what steps you need to take to get involved. You also find links to useful resources, publications and more. 

Governments and International Organizations

This section contains information about the role of IEC International Standards for economic development, public safety, the environment and international trade. How standards support legislation as well as partner organizations of the IEC, links, studies and more.

General public

You find here answers to questions such as: what is an international standard, why do we need standards at all? Why was the IEC founded, what does it do and how does it work?


You find here why it is important for today's students, the decision-makers of tomorrow, to be aware of the benefits of standardization. The IEC is eager to promote the value of standardization and its related activities within academic institutions and at the same time encourages them to participate in the IEC's work through their National Committee.