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IEC awards highest honour in electrotechnology to Wim De Kesel

Geneva, Switzerland, 2018-10-25

2018 Lord Kelvin Award recognizes Mr De Kesel’s leadership in standardization for energy efficiency, LVDC and electric vehicles


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Technology leaders recognized for outstanding contributions

Geneva, Switzerland, 2018-10-22

2018 Thomas A. Edison Awards for exceptional achievement


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IEC-IEEE-KATS Challenge awards first place prize to paper addressing standardization in a smart era

Geneva, Switzerland, 2018-10-18

Five prizes awarded for academic papers analyzing future challenges in standardization


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Getting the packaging right – International Guide just updated

Geneva, Switzerland, 2018-10-03

ISO/IEC Guide 41 has just been revised to help organizations ensure their packaging meets growing consumer needs.


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Addressing ethics in autonomous and intelligent systems: IEC launches an open community jointly with eight other founding organizations

Geneva, Switzerland, 2018-07-27

New global forum aims to foster cooperation in the development and use of ethically mindful standards in ICT, in particular for autonomous and intelligent systems


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Newly improved guidelines for testing machine-readable passports just out

Geneva, Switzerland, 2018-07-25

Machine readable passports enable faster more accurate processing


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Reducing the risks of information security breaches with ISO/IEC 27005

Geneva, Switzerland, 2018-07-16

New legislation puts organizations under even greater pressure to ensure their information is secure


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IECRE issues first solar PV certificate

Geneva, Switzerland, 2018-05-29

IEC TS 62941 certificate identifies best practices for design, manufacturing and materials


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Future-proofing pre-payment meters

Geneva, Switzerland, 2018-05-03

Key International Standard to enhance security and functionality of metering pre-payment systems


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Jo Cops elected new Treasurer of IEC

Geneva, Switzerland, 2018-01-01

Transparency and improving decision-making data to be main focus


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IEC TS 63033 Drive Monitoring System enables drivers to see all around their vehicles

Geneva, Switzerland, 2018-01-26

Helping improve road safety


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New edition of ISO/IEC 17025 just published

Geneva, Switzerland, 2017-12-01

The go-to international reference for calibration and testing laboratories worldwide


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2017-12-01

International Standard looks to curb theft of personal data

Geneva, Switzerland, 2017-11-27

Uber is making headlines for its reaction to the theft of the personal data of 57 million drivers and users


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2017-11-27

Keeping people at the centre of smart city initiatives

Geneva, Switzerland, 2017-11-24

Developing smart city solutions that are citizen-centric and offer real value will be key to future success


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IEC, ISO and ITU receive Primetime Emmy award for excellence in video engineering

Geneva, Switzerland, 2017-10-26

US Academy of Television honours 'High Efficiency Video Coding'


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