Products overview

Products overview

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Pre-release version (PRV)


A Pre-release version allows customers to get to know the content of a future Publication up to two months prior to its official release.

A Pre-release version (PRV) contains the Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) of a Publication. FDIS is the last approval stage in the development process of a Publication, where only minor editorial changes can be added to the technical content. FDIS undergoes a 6 weeks voting period during which it is available as a Pre-release version.

Customers who buy a Pre-release version are entitled to get the Publication at its time of release.

The designation of a Pre-release version is identical to that of the future Publication, with the addition of the prefix Project. Product’s file also bears a dedicated watermark.

Maintenance - A FDIS has a life cycle of 6 weeks after which it is definitely deleted. This unique characteristic is the reason why Pre-release versions are available only at Central Office.

Remark - A Pre-release version is available in electronic format only.