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Consolidated versions (CSV)


A Consolidated version (CSV) is developed for convenience purposes allowing customers to have the technical contents of multiple Publications merged into one single and user-friendly product. It is also a valuable product for Experts who want to revise a Publication.

A Consolidated version (CSV) consists of the content of an amendment, or amendments if more than one, being incorporated in the content of the base publication. A vertical line in the margin shows where the base publication is modified by the amendment. Since May 2010, additions and deletions are displayed in red, with deletions being struck through in all new consolidated versions. pdf 78 KB

The designation of a Consolidated version is identical to that of its base publication, with the edition number being X.Y, where X is the edition number of the base publication, and Y is the number of amendments included in the version. Y equals mostly 1 or 2.

Since May 2012, the release of the Consolidated version is strictly synchronized to that of the amendment.

Maintenance - A Consolidated version is automatically withdrawn when the corresponding base publication is withdrawn.

Remark - Because hundreds of Consolidated versions have been developed since 1997, they may sometimes erroneously be considered as Publications rather than Value-added products.