Products overview

Products overview

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Publications are the IEC’s main products. They have a consensus-based content which is original and kept up to date. Publications include the following products: base publications, amendments, corrigenda and interpretation sheets. One edition, amendment, corrigendum or interpretation sheet of a Publication, whether valid or withdrawn, is a single product.

Publications are presented in one of three formats: a PDF file for download and print on demand, a ZIP file if the publication has an attachment such as a program file, or a database.


Publications released since 1997 are available in PDF text format. Older Publications are available in PDF image format with hidden text generated by Optical Character Recognition.


Since 2013 consolidated editions do not have their price code printed on the title page anymore.

Please note that, starting 2015, it is also the case for all other publications published by the IEC.

We remind you that all price codes can be found in our metadata.

Base publication


A base publication is identified by a header, a single or compound number, an edition number and a date of publication. The header specifies whether the publication is an International Standard, a Technical Specification or Report, a Publicly Available Specification, a Guide or a Technology Trend Assessment. The edition number is X.0, where X = 1, 2, …

Maintenance - A new edition of a Publication replaces the former edition, i.e. the base publication and its amendments, corrigenda and interpretation sheets. Also, a Publication can either be definitively withdrawn, or withdrawn and replaced by another publication. Withdrawn Publications are sometimes used and therefore are still available. The relevant information is displayed in the Publication Detail page in the webstore.

Remark - Publications available in database format are maintained within the database environment. As such, the database’s content is considered as a single product and is accessed by subscription.





An amendment is the first step in the maintenance of a Publication. A maximum of two amendments to a current edition of a Publication are allowed. Further amendments lead to a new edition of the Publication. The designation of an amendment is identical to that of its base publication, with the addition of  amX, where X = 1 or 2. The edition number of an amendment is the edition number of its base publication.

Maintenance - An amendment is automatically withdrawn when its base Publication is withdrawn.

Remark - Though available as a standalone product, a published amendment forms an integral part of the Publication. A merging of the base publication with its amendment(s) is provided as a Consolidated version.


Technical corrigendum & interpretation sheet


The designation of a corrigendum is identical to that of its base publication, with the addition of corX, and iX for an interpretation sheet, where X = 1, 2, … The edition number of a corrigendum or an interpretation sheet is the edition number of its base publication. Once released, a corrigendum is automatically incorporated into the technical content of its base publication or amendment, whereas the interpretation sheet is inserted before the first page of its base publication. In both cases, this is mentioned at the end of the base publication’s foreword.

Maintenance - A corrigendum or an interpretation sheet is automatically withdrawn when its base publication is withdrawn.

Remark - Corrigenda and interpretation sheets are free of charge and available for electronic download.