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IEC logo


Please follow these important directions when using the IEC logo:


The logo must always be square. It can't be distorted for any reason.

If your document is in black and white only, the logo should be 100% black.

Web & electronic materials

When you need to use the IEC logo for the web, in mobile applications, electronic PDFs or PowerPoint presentations, please select the RGB version.

The IEC logo in RGB is expressed as:

Red = 0, Green = 96, Blue = 170.

Printed materials

The colour is always Pantone 286 CV.

When you plan to use the IEC logo in printed materials (brochure, poster, printed PDF, etc.), please select the CMYK version. The IEC logo in CMYK is expressed as: Cyan = 100 , Magenta = 60, Yellow = 0, K (Black) = 6 No other colour should be used (including white).

Pantone & CMYK



General Meeting 2018 Logo


Busan, Korea 2018 TIFF 2500x1400 1250x700 625x350 313x175
JPG 1250x700 625x350 313x175 156x87
GIF 1250x700 625x350 313x175 156x87
EPS CMYK Pantone