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Please use this form to submit a new question on IEC 61508 – Edition 1.0 or Edition 2.0 – or to comment on these web pages. Questions will be considered by IEC/SC65A/WG14, the committee responsible for introductory material on IEC 61508.


Before submitting a new question, please ensure that you have thoroughly read all the existing text and are sure that the answer cannot be found in a related question.


Members of WG14 are providing their services on a voluntary basis and have limited resources available. Questions will be prioritised according to the criteria below. The consultation and agreement process is likely to result in a response time of at least 1 to 2 months between the submission of a question and its answer being added to the FAQ.


Submitted questions will be prioritised according to how much committee members consider them to be:

  • within the scope of IEC 61508;
  • important -- in terms of informing a new user of key principles, concepts and requirements of the standard;
  • fulfilling the needs of many users.

It will not be possible to enter into personal correspondence as a result of a submission.