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Abbreviations, acronyms and codes
ACEA: Advisory Committee on Environmental Aspects
ACEC: Advisory Committee on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
ACOS: Advisory Committee on Safety
ACTAD: Advisory Committee on Electricity Transmission and Distribution
ACTEL: Advisory Committee on Telecommunication
AFSEC - IEC regional partner
Approval stage - Standards development
Associate members
Awards - 1906 Award
Awards - Lord Kelvin Award
Awards - Thomas A. Edison Award
Basic safety publication
Benefits of Membership
C: Council
CAB: Conformity Assessment Board
Campaign images - Posters and desktop wallpaper
Can I become a Member?
CANENA - IEC regional partner
CB: Council Board
CENELEC - IEC regional partner
CISPR: International special committee on radio interference
Colour management - technology sector
Committee stage - Standards development
Conformity Assessment - key concepts
Conformity Assessment - policies & standards
Conformity Assessment - processes & procedures
Conformity Assessment Board (CAB)
Cooperation agreements - International partners
Cooperation agreements - Regional partners
COPANT - IEC regional partner
Developing countries - IEC Affiliate Country Programme
Does my country have a National Committee (NC)
EASC - IEC regional partner
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC ) - technology sector
Electropedia - The International Electrotechnical Vocabulary (IEV)
Enquiry stage - Standards development
Forms and Documents
Frankfurt agreement - IEC/CENELEC Cooperation Agreement
Full Members
Functional safety - technology sector
Group safety functions
Group safety publication
History of the IEC
Horizontal safety functions
How can developing countries participate?
How can I contact the IEC?
How can I participate?
IEC - non-for-profit, quasi-governmental organization
IEC - privacy policy
IEC - type of organization and funding
IEC 60061: Lamp caps, lampholders and gauges
IEC 60417 - ISO 7000: Graphical Symbols for Use on Equipment 
IEC 60617: Graphical Symbols for Diagrams
IEC 61355: Collection of standardized and established document kinds
IEC 61360: Component Data Dictionary
IEC Administrative Circulars
IEC and WTO TBT Agreement
IEC Annual Report
IEC Basic Agreement
IEC Brochures
IEC Central Office - Directory
IEC Central Office - Hotels and Accomodations
IEC Central Office - Organigramme
IEC Conformity Assessment Systems
IEC Copyright
IEC Decisions
IEC Facts & figures
IEC Global Visions - video interviews with CEOs
IEC Glossary
IEC Horizontal Standards
IEC IECEE Challenge
IEC Management structure /organigramme
IEC Masterplan
IEC Officers
IEC publication - Amendments
IEC publication - Guides
IEC publication - Informative
IEC publication - Interpretation Sheets
IEC publication - Normative
IEC publication - Publicly Available Specifications (PAS)
IEC publication - Technical Corrigenda
IEC publication - Technical Reports (TR)
IEC publication - Technical Specifications (TS)
IEC Reports to WTO TBT Committee
IEC social media - Facebook
IEC social media - Linkedin
IEC social media - Pinterest
IEC social media - Twitter
IEC social media - YouTube videos
IEC standard template
IEC Standards development structure/organigramme
IEC Statutes and Rules of Procedure
IEC Strategy documents
IEC training
IEC values - Energy efficiency
IEC values - Environment
IEC values - Safety
IEC values - Serving our markets
IEC values - Trade and development
IEC values - Vision and mission
IEC White Paper - Coping with the Energy Challenge
IEC White Paper - Electrical Energy Storage
IECEE - IEC System of Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components
IECEx - IEC System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres
IECQ - IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components
Is my country a Member of the IEC?
ISO and IEC liaison
ISO/IEC Directives
ISO/IEC Information Centre
Just Published - IEC International Standards and other publications
List of IEC Affiliate Countries
List of IEC Management and Advisory Committes
List of IEC TC/SC: Technical Committees and Subcommittees
List of International partners
List of National Committees (NC) / members
List of Partners with TC/SC liaisons
List of Organizations in co-operation with the IEC
List of Regional partners
Meetings - Committee meetings
Meetings - Events & workshops
Meetings - General meetings
MERCOSUR - IEC regional partner
MNet Resource Area - for Sales, communications & public relations professionals
MSB: Market Strategy Board
NC Resource Area - for National Committees 
News - IEC e-tech magazine
News - Media information
News - Newslog /New releases
Office - IEC Asia-Pacific Regional Centre (IEC-APRC)
Office - IEC Central Office
Office - IEC Regional Centre for Latin America (IEC-LARC)
Office - IEC Regional Centre for North America (IEC-ReCNA)
Participation - Academia
Participation - Consumer/General public 
Participation - Experts & delegates
Participation - Governments
Participation - Industry
Participation - Industry consortia
Participation - Regulators
PASC - IEC regional partner
Preliminary stage - Standards development
Preparatory stage - Standards development
Proposal stage - Standards development
Publication stage - Standards development
Renewable energies - technology sector
Subscribe to IEC RSS feeds and email alerts
Rules for drafting IEC publications
Drafting IEC publications - Writing and formatting
Drafting IEC publications - Graphics and figures
Search for a dashboard (TC/SC, Management Committee, National Commitee, Affiliate Country)
Search for Administrative Circulars
Search for Documents
Search for International Standards and other Publications
Search for Projects
Search for work in progress
Search for Work Programme
Smart electrification - technology sector
Smart grid - technology sector
SMB: Standardization Management Board
Standards development - Stage codes
Standards development - Processes and procedures
Standards development - Work programme
TC News - Reports on SMB decisions and actions
TC/SC Chairman
TC/SC Convenor
TC/SC Expert
TC/SC Maintenance Teams
TC/SC Project Teams (PT)
TC/SC Resource Area - for Technical Committees and Subcommittees
TC/SC Secretary
Technology sectors - List of IEC Technical Committees (TC/SC)
Tools - Collaboration Tools 
Tools - Data Feeds 
Tools - Electronic vote/comment
Tools - Electropedia
Tools - Expert Management System (EMS)
Tools - Library Server
Tools - Management Server
Tools - Meeting Registration System
Tools - myIEC / MyNewDocs
Tools - NewDocs
Tools - Patent declarations
Tools - Public commenting
Tools - Standards in Database Format
Tools - Subscriptions Database Management
Tools - Technical Server
Tools - Web conferencing
Types of Conformity Assessment 
Types of IEC International Standards and publications
Videos on the IEC
Webstore - Customer Service Centre
Webstore - FAQs on purchasing IEC International Standards and other publications
Webstore - Online Collections
Webstore - Search and buy IEC International Standards and other publications
Webstore - Where can I buy standards?
What is a National Committee (NC)?
What is an IEC Technical Committee and Subcommittee (TC/SC)?
What is an International Standard (IS)?
What is Conformity Assessment?
What is the IEC Affiliate Country Programme?
When was the IEC founded?
Who are the Members of the IEC?
Who are the stakeholders of the IEC?
World Standard Day poster
WTO and IEC liaison
Young Professionals' Programme

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