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Our policy on CA (conformity assessment)

The Conformity Assessment Policy outlines the importance of the IEC's transparent and open approach. IEC International Standards are written in such a way that conformity to them may be assessed by any interested party. They also enable all types of CA.


IEC third-party CA Systems are open to all countries in the world who would like to use IEC International Standards, including non-members. As with the standardization work, participants in IEC CA activities must be representative of all electrotechnical interests in their countries.


The IEC collaborates with ISO (International Organization for Standardization) to develop CA standards and works closely with other international CA bodies to provide the most effective and efficient services to the market.


Relevant CAB policy and procedural documents can be found on the Standing Documents webpage of Conformity Assessment - How we work - section.

Conformity Assessment Standards

Conformity assessment is the activity of checking conformity to technical specifications, and this activity should be carried out according to rules which will guarantee its quality and reliability. In other words, conformity assessment itself needs to use a standardized approach.


The IEC and ISO have therefore developed and published a full series of international standards specifying how conformity assessment should be carried out. These standards are developed in the ISO Conformity Assessment Committee, ISO/CASCO, with permanent involvement of experts from the IEC and its CA Systems. These standards in the ISO/IEC 17000 series, as well as a number of ISO/IEC Guides, are contained in what is familiarly called the CASCO Toolbox because they provide a full set of tools for anyone wishing to know how to carry out high-quality, reliable conformity assessment.


The IEC Webstore makes all these standards and guides available.