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Governance of the conformity assessment work

CAB organigramme

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Conformity Assessment Board

The CAB (Conformity Assessment Board) is responsible for the overall management of IEC conformity assessment policy and operations, including risk management and governance of the Systems.


IEC CA (Conformity Assessment) Systems

The CAB does not manage the day-to-day work of the CA Systems operated by the IEC, but the Systems report regularly to the CAB, which approves their basic rules. The Systems are governed by management committees composed of representatives of their members. The participants in the Systems are themselves responsible for the tests they carry out and the certificates and marks that they issue under an IEC CA Scheme.


IEC CA (Conformity Assessment) Schemes

Each System offers several Schemes, adapted to market needs. Find out more about the four Systems and how they work in the section dedicated to the IEC CA Systems.


Relevant CAB policy and procedural documents can be found on the Standing Documents webpage of Conformity Assessment - How we work - section.