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Find your 200 IEC International Standards

Procedure to select an IEC International Standard on the website


1. Go to: Advanced Search

You can find your document(s) according to several criteria: Keywords, Technical Committees or Subcommittees, Publications, Date range, or Work areas.


2. Obtain a window with several items
This new page will list all IEC International Standards dealing with the topic.


3. Identify which IEC International Standards best match your local needs


4. Enter the WEBSTORE and use the preview button

To find out about the scope of the selected publication, you can use the preview function by clicking on the following icon: regional concerns


The preview function gives you the first few clauses of the publication (Contents, Foreword, Scope and Normative references). This will give you basic information on the publication and will help you make your choice.


5. Find the appropriate IEC International Standard
When you have selected the IEC International Standard you wish to receive free under the terms of the Affiliate Country Programme, please note its reference (e.g. IEC 60038 (2002-07) Ed. 6.2 ).


6. Send an email to the Affiliate Secretariat with your list of referenced publications
As soon as we receive your list we will send you the publications on a CD-ROM, free of charge. Please note that an IEC International Standard and its amendments are considered as one item, whereas each part of a series counts as one separate item.




For your information


The IEC produces International Standards and other types of publications, such as Technical Specifications, Technical Reports, Guides, Industry Technical Agreements (ITA) and Publicly Available Specifications. Please click here for a brief explanation of each Type of IEC Publications.


You may also find the ISO/IEC Directives (login required) that define the basic procedures to be followed in the development of International Standards and other publications.