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National Committees


IEC members are National Committees

IEC members are National Committees (NCs) and there can only be one per country. Individuals participate in the IEC's work through the National Committees, see the section on experts and delegates for more information.

There is no single model for the structure of an NC. However, in order that it can consider all the different aspects of a particular technical area, it must be fully representative of all of the country's interests in the field of electrotechnical standardization and conformity assessment. An NC's decision-making processes should enable all stakeholders to have a real influence on its technical and management activities.

On becoming a member of the IEC, each NC agrees to open access and balanced representation from all private and public electrotechnical interests in its country.

Benefits of membership

The key benefits of membership come from participating in the development of the standardization and conformity assessment work of the IEC. By participating in the creation of a standard, an NC can be sure that the interests of its country have been taken into account.

Those involved in IEC standardization work come from all areas of the market and each chooses to participate for various reasons. The IEC offers its members:

  • a forum in which formal networks that cross international borders may be easily developed
  • a place where participants can network within a vibrant community of customers, manufacturers, technical experts and government representatives
  • an environment where small companies and small countries can sit together as equal partners with big companies and big countries

Find out more about what the IEC offers you and your business sector please visit our section You and the IEC.

Membership levels

There are two levels of membership:

  • Full members - NC has access to all technical and managerial activities and functions, at all levels of the IEC, including voting rights in Council.

  • Associate members - NC has full access to all working documents but limited voting rights in the technical work and no eligibility to managerial functions within the IEC.


If you are in a country that already participates in the work of the IEC contact your NC directly.

If you are in a country that does not yet have an NC, contact the Central Office to investigate how you can get involved.

The IEC also runs a programme for newly-industrializing countries around the world. Visit the Affiliate Country Programme for more information.