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Experts & delegates


Experts are individuals with specialist knowledge in a particular technical field. Each NC (National Committee) participating in a technical committee's work can appoint experts to take part in specific technical work through working groups, project teams or maintenance teams. Category A liaison organizations may also appoint experts to working groups and project teams.

Experts participate in IEC technical work in a personal capacity and do not represent their company / organization or NC.

Find further details in the Directives regarding the procedures for the appointment of experts.


Delegates are representatives of their NC at a TC (Technical Committee) or SC (Subcommittee) meeting and should be fully briefed by their NC before attending a meeting.

For TC/SC meetings, each NC participating in the committee assigns a Head of delegation, who is responsible for speaking and voting on behalf of the NC during the meeting, but may invite other delegates from their NC delegation to speak if required.


Experts & delegates

It's all about participating

While individuals participate in the work of the IEC, they are not members. The IEC NCs (National Committees) are the members.

Individuals can participate in the standardization work of the IEC as experts or delegates.

For details regarding participation in the conformity assessment work of the IEC visit the Conformity Assessment area.