IEC Regional Centre for North America


IEC Central Office Bulding

Front: Marlene Maillet, Peter Lanctot and Holly Ducharme
Back: Tim Rotti and Andrew Redgate 


The North American centre ensures processing of all documents for the committees for which it is responsible. This includes:

• receiving and processing working documents for distribution to the National Committees;
• editing and preparing documents at the CDV and FDIS stages;
• managing the database entries in the IEC’s project management system;
• controlling the overall progress of work in the TCs for which his office has responsibility.

The Centre is totally independent from the US National Committee and does not have any functions that duplicate the role of the USNC. The relationship between IEC-ReCNA and the US National Committee is similar to that between the IEC Central Office and the Swiss National Committee. For example, any enquiries about US participation in the work of the IEC or the appointment of US experts continues to be the responsibility of the US National Committee.