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The IEC Regional Centre for North America (IEC-ReCNA) provides additional support for technical committees.

Located in Worcester, Massachusetts, the IEC-ReCNA was opened to service the needs of IEC technical committees, particularly those with secretariats located in North America.

Tim Rotti, who joined the IEC Central Office in July 2001, is responsible for the North America Technical Team. Tim came to the IEC from a background of working in test laboratories, bringing 20 years of experience in component qualification for the nuclear, military and telecommunications industries.

IEC-ReCNA expanded in 2004, welcoming new staff members. The Centre is now composed of: Tim Rotti, Peter Lanctot, who joined in August 2004, and Andrew Redgate, who joined in February 2012, both Technical Officers, Marlene Maillet and Holly Ducharme, both Administrative Assistants.

The prime role of the centre is to provide staff support to technical committees and subcommittees in the same way IEC Central Office does at present. The IEC believes that the centre allows a closer contact to be made, particularly with committees with strong participation from North America. Indeed, this is one of the responses made by IEC to decisions taken in the IEC Masterplan, the IEC′s strategic mission statement, which noted a perception of a European bias in the IEC.

Whilst IEC-ReCNA is providing service mainly to committees with secretariats based in North America, it also has the charge of other committees, to ensure a balanced distribution.

The office coordinates are:

IEC Regional Centre for North America (IEC-ReCNA)
446 Main Street, 16th Floor
Worcester, MA 01608
Phone: +1 508 755 5663
Fax: +1 508 755 5669
Tim Rotti