IEC Asia-Pacific Regional Centre



From left (front): Amelyn CHING, PANG Chia Li, Suzanne Yap and TEO Poh Luan; (back): Anson CHIAH, Dennis CHEW and Damien LEE


The mission of the IEC Asia-Pacific Regional Centre (IEC APRC), located in Singapore, is twofold: promote awareness of the IEC in the region, increase the use of IEC international standards and enhance participation of all countries in the region in the Commission's work; and provide additional staff support to technical committees and subcommittees in the same way IEC Central Office does at present. Dennis Chew is the Regional Director.

The IEC-APRC is the focal point and resource for the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in the Asia-Pacific region, helping to:

• Promote awareness of the IEC in the region,
• Increase the use of IEC international standards,
• Enhance participation of all countries in the region in the Commission’s work

All of the above will be achieved by improved communication with businesses, industries and governments in the region. Located in a research and development hub in Singapore, the IEC-APRC offers meeting facilities for IEC activities. The centre also has comprehensive office facilities, including internet access, telephone and fax.

Training, Seminars and Workshops

The IEC-APRC coordinates and organizes training events and seminars and workshops that match the needs of the region. Events range from seminars on the use of IT tools in the IEC to workshops on specific technical areas.

Contact us

Whether you are part of an IEC National Committee or would like to find out how you can participate in the IEC, the IEC-APRC serves as a resource for information as well as the contact point for you to the IEC. Be it a query on how your country can participate in the IEC or on the activities of the IEC, please contact us.

The office coordinates are:

IEC Asia-Pacific Regional Centre (IEC-APRC)
2 Bukit Merah Central #15-02
(former SPRING Singapore building)
Singapore 159835

Dennis Chew
Tel: +65 6377 5173