Get involved

The IEC brings together 170 countries, and close to 20 000 experts cooperate on the global IEC platform to ensure that products work everywhere safely with each other.


There is always the opportunity to become involved in the larger IEC family...


Perhaps you are an expert with knowledge and experience in electrotechnology to share. Participate in the standardization efforts related to your industry or area of interest.


You may be an upcoming expert engineer, technician or manager and would like to become involved in IEC’s work.


Where to start?


The IEC has currently 176 TC and SCs (Technical Committees and Subcommittees) with over 1000 working groups. IEC Conformity Assessment Systems help facilitate global product acceptance and reduce barriers to trade.


Please contact your IEC National Committee to find out how you can become involved. The IEC NC represents the full range of your country’s electrotechnical sector.


If your country doesn’t have an IEC NC because it is not yet a member of the IEC, or is not involved in the TC or SC that is of the most interest to you, please contact IEC in Geneva to find out more.