SDG 8: Safety of workers and economic growth





Inclusive and sustainable economic growth can drive progress and generate the means to implement the sustainable development goals. IEC International Standards include a high level of global expertise and are consensus built. This is essential for reducing barriers to global trade, a contribution which is also acknowledged by the World Trade Organization’s Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade.


8.2 Achieve higher levels of economic productivity through diversification, technological upgrading and innovation

IEC International Standards together with testing and certification help increase economic productivity
and simplify technological upgrading. They contain industry best-practice, measurements and ratings that simplify innovation and market access.

8.4 Improve global resource efficiency in consumption and production

IEC work stimulates resource efficiency in production, increases consistency of product quality and reliability, and provides guidelines for recycling and waste management.

8.8. Promote safe and secure working environments

Many workers are exposed to undue risks in their workplaces. Several hundred IEC International Standards promote safe working environments, protecting workers from electric shocks, hazardous substances, cuts, burns, and other injuries.



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