SDG 6: Safe and affordable water





Demand for drinking water is forecast to rise by 55% until 2050. The supply of clean water is complex: pumps extract water from wells, rivers, lakes or oceans. The water is then transported through pipelines
to be purified, filtered or desalinated. Even the simplest water treatment plants employ electric pumps,
valves and scrapers. More modern systems also have thousands of sensors that control the length of water flow on taps, toilets or irrigation systems. All of them rely on IEC work.


The IEC has over 90 standards from 34 IEC TC/SCs that enable water management and control.


6.1 Safe and affordable drinking water for all

IEC work is foundational for water management from extraction to use and reuse. Supplying and treating water requires many electrical and electronic devices and systems.

6.3 Reducing water pollution, increase wastewater treatment and reuse

Monitoring chemical use in manufacturing; the electrification of shipping at sea and in harbours can significantly reduce water pollution. Wastewater treatment is also underpinned by IEC International Standards.

6.4 More efficient water use and reduced water scarcity

Sensors on taps and toilets control water flow. Irrigation systems and reuse of brown water for sanitation can increase efficiency of water use and reduce water scarcity.

6.A Water harvesting, desalination, water efficiency, wastewater treatment, recycling and reuse technologies

Multiple technologies that enable water harvesting and desalination, as well as sensor driven irrigation systems and water purification/reuse technologies are underpinned by IEC work.



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